HBO could finally get an internet-only subscription!

Time Warner Cable CEO open to bring HBO internet-only subscriptions


HBO and cable providers have had to fend off millions of unhappy, complaining customers. We have all been begging for HBO access without a TV subscription as we move into an internet-controlled future. Why do we need to have a cable subscription to be able to watch Game of Thrones on HBO Go? Can’t you just charge me to use HBO Go on its own? A solution may be coming soon!

Jeff BewkesTWC CEO Jeff Bewkes says he is open to the idea of offering HBO Go access without TV, so long as it is bundled with their internet package. This way, the customers would be able to get what they want without having to hurt their relationship with HBO.

Bewkes puts much focus on the way things are moving. He is concerned on how things will work as people get ready to ditch cable TV for internet services. For example, you may be able to get HBO Go and other streamed content with your internet bundle at some point in the future, but the TV business would still be hurt. This means cable providers might have to raise their internet prices to make up for the losses.

It seems to me Time Warner Cable is getting ready for the fight ahead. They keep fighting to keep TV content offline, but there is no way to really stop the monster. Internet TV is coming… sooner or later. TWC has to adapt to the times instead of staying stubborn.

There is a lot of money in HBO and it’s hard for people to get legal access to it. I am sure Game of Thrones wouldn’t have become the most pirated show in history if it was readily available for us to pay for. And this may be finally happening soon. Let’s hope this evolves into much more than a possibility!

Meanwhile, let’s hope we can get HBO Go back on Google TV! I would hate it if cable companies finally allowed us to get HBO Go on its own, while our Google TVs stay incompatible.


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  • captainkirk

    It definitely would be ridiculous if cable companies offered a pay for HBO Go on its own and didn’t allow it on GTV.