HBO coming back to Google TV

HBO coming back to Google TV via Cast


Yesterday we found out that Google TV would be getting Chromecast functionality with the Jelly Bean Update. This means that any functionality that comes to the Chromecast should also come to Google TV, including streaming support from any app that supports Cast.

One of the biggest disappointments for Google TV users has been the HBO Go compatibility issues. HBO Go has stopped working for over a month now and we have heard nothing of a solution in the works. It turns out we might get a fix, though. Yes, via the all-new Cast feature.

Some newly-discovered lines of code are displaying a list of apps that may be being tested for the Chromecast. Among these apps is the almighty HBO Go! Other listed apps include Revision3, Songza, AOL, Post TV and Qello.

These should be making their way to the list of Chromecast-supported apps, so get ready to enjoy them on your Google TV as well. We might very well be celebrating the return of HBO Go to Google TV soon. Even if it’s not a direct solution.

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    Was this ever resolved?