Have you pre-ordered your ASUS CUBE with Google TV? [POLL]

Have you pre-ordered your ASUS CUBE with Google TV? [POLL]


The ASUS CUBE has undergone some recent changes, but it is still being released next week! This means we don’t have much longer to wait before we get our hands all over this bad boy. It will be available starting April 23rd from multiple retailers, but one of them allows you to put your name on a CUBE now.

Newegg is currently accepting pre-orders and is giving out $10 gift cards to those who order it before the 23rd. Of course, ASUS CUBE users will also get free 50 GB of ASUS WebStorage and all the goodies that come with the unit. The device will come with GTV V3 and all that the new software entails.

This means it will be compatible with Voice Search (and yes, it does have a microphone). The UI and price might not exactly convince some of you, but you can be sure the CUBE will be as full-featured as Google TVs can be. You can check out our hands-on video from CES to see how the device scores against the competition.

I know I will at least be using this bad boy for a while, so I am all signed up for it. Are you? Let us know in the poll and comments!