Hands-on with brand new ASUS Qube with Google TV [VIDEO]

Hands-on with brand new ASUS Qube with Google TV [VIDEO]

CES 2013 is a good event for Google TV fans… at least better than other years. One of the most exciting Google TV products is the ASUS Qube, though. We have been hearing about it for quite some time now, and it became quite popular after rumors of it possibly becoming a Nexus device started spreading.

The ASUS Qube was not the Nexus Q replacement, but it is quite the device! As you can see in the video, ASUS has gone all out and completely changed the user interface. The interface is based on a cubical design one can easily navigate. It can get confusing at first, but definitely not something one can’t get used to.

The Nexus Qube will be able to take advantage of everything Google TV has to offer, though. Like the all new Voice Search and PrimeTime. One will also be able to access ASUS’ cloud storage and other apps not available in other Google TVs. In a way, ASUS made this device their very own, and it is not done wrong at all.

Of course, the software is most likely not final, but I did notice a bit of lag at times. Especially when using the touchpad. Let’s hope some updates fix that, because this is one promising device. We were told the device would be available around late Q1 for $129, so it is also very affordably priced.

We believe the ASUS Qube is worth the extra $30 over the other devices. It has very unique software and is very well designed. The remote control has a better keyboard and nice solid feedback, though it does feel a bit flimsy all around. It does not make it a deal breaker. Check it out and let us know what you think! Are you liking this bad boy?