Google working on re-releasing the Nexus Q

Google working on new Nexus Q, will this one come with Google TV?

Google’s Nexus Q was far from successful. In fact, it was pulled from the Play Store and postponed before it was even released. The overpriced $300 device didn’t do enough to justify its price tag, but we always believed that adding Google TV to the orb would make it much more worth its price. Recent reports say the Nexus Q is now being revived by Google, but will it come with Google TV this time around?


Rumors of a possible Google TV set-top box have been spreading for a while now and the Nexus Q would be the best candidate for such a device. At the same time, Google hasn’t been the most supportive when it comes to pushing its smart TV platform forward. Google TV may just be left out of a good opportunity once again.

The WSJ also reports that Google is currently working on an Android-based platform, which would also compete with Google TV in some ways. Google TV could be an awesome gaming console if more Android games were supported and the devices received better specs.

Why create a separate platform for gaming when Google TV could simply be optimized for better gaming? Let’s not be negative, though, and hope that Google TV is getting some love from at least one of these two projects. Will you guys be buying a Nexus Q if it comes with Google TV?

[via WSJ]

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  • JoeTi

    I would buy an actual Google or Nexus brand Google TV. Bonus if it doubled as a game console.

  • jondoh

    They need fewer platforms not more. ChromeOS is interesting but a niche product. An Android-based gaming platform sounds like a bad idea. It’ll likely to dilute/fragment their brand. The Nexus Q needs to enable devs to bring their apps to the living room. A slightly updated Nexus 4 in a set top box with 3rdparty app and bluetooth 4 game controller support would be a great start.