Google TV Remote app updated with Voice Search support! [HANDS-ON VIDEO]

Google TV Remote app updated with Voice Search support! [HANDS-ON VIDEO]


The day has come, guys. Ever since the GTV V3 announcement, we have been begging Google to release an update that will allow the Google TV Remote app to support Voice Search. Today, Google has finally listened to our prayers! The Google TV Remote app for Android has been updated and now we are ready to speak to our TVs.

Though most of us have already received our GTV V3 update, many of us can’t use Voice Search. Older generation Google TV devices don’t feature a microphone, making it impossible for the TV to listen to you. Sony users are lucky to be able to purchase a $50 voice-enabled remote, but spending extra money is never fun. Especially considering most of us own smartphones! Our mobile devices can work perfectly as remotes and they all feature a microphone.

Now that Google has given us Voice Search with their Google TV Remote app, we couldn’t wait to show you what it is all about. We have been playing around with it for a bit and the update is looking great! The app has been re-designed with a slightly different UI. The D-Pad has been switched to a much more comfortable one.

Instead of swiping to move around, the D-Pad now features four buttons: up, down, left and right. I never quite liked the swiping D-Pad, it was a bit unintuitive and unresponsive, so I definitely welcome this improvement.

The most important addition is, of course, Voice Search functionality. Just press on the microphone button on the bottom and search away! We gave you a small demo of it in the video, so check it out and go download your update! You can get it straight from the Google Play Store. Download it, test it and let us know how it went in the comments! Are you liking it?