Google TV reaches Korea “LG UPlus style”

Google TV reaches Korea “LG UPlus style”

Because people in Korea don’t do things without style, Google TV is launching partnered with cable provider LG UPlus, an internet TV service. Much like Google should have done with Fiber, UPlus is offering a Google TV box that works with the cable provider to give a uniform and standard smart TV experience.

UPlus subscribers can get their u+tv G box now and enjoy their content along with all the benefits Google TV has to offer. But if that wasn’t enough, UPlus is giving Google TV a bit more “style” with PSY’s help, a popular Korean singer known for his unique Gangnam Style song and dance.

PSY will be helping the TV provider make the service more popular, so let’s hope it grows as big as Gangnam Style did. Surely, being featured as a cable provider’s official box will help, as well. This marks the beginning of a new era for Google TV. It is the first time an IPTV provider features Google TV. Not to mention it is Korea’s first time getting Google TV, making it the 10th country in the world to have the platform available.

We hope Google pulls some strings and starts making Google TV more available via cable providers. I would love to see Google TV offered and advertised by Google Fiber at least. Until then, we will have to cheer for our Korean friends.

[Source: Google TV Blog]