Google TV now officially available in Australia via Sony Google TV box

Google TV now officially available in Australia via Sony Google TV box

Google TV’s lack of support for other countries has been one of the main reasons for its lack of success. The smart TV platform was only available in the US until recently, but it has been slowly reaching other countries; starting with the UK, which was then followed by Germany and the Netherlands. We have Sony to thank for this world-wide distribution, and now they have added Australia to its list.

Sony’s Google TV box has been available to Australians for some time now, but only as a bundled product. It came exclusively with some of the Japanese manufacturer’s TVs. For the first time, Sony has taken all ties away and is selling the Google TV unit (NSZ-GS7) as a standalone unit.

Like many other countries, though, its use will be limited. Many of the services offered are still not supported in Australia, including Netflix, Hulu Plus and HBO Go. Of course, this is not Sony’s or Google’s fault, but it still interferes with the experience. Australian users will mostly have to conform to using the Google Play Store apps and only a few other services, making the Google TV a bit less enticing.

If you are still looking to get a Sony Google TV unit in Australia, you will be able to purchase it straight from Sony’s stores and website. Or you can wait until October 1st if you would rather give popular Harvey Norman retail stores your business. It goes for $299 AUD and should still be much fun as the Google TV app list keeps growing.

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