Google TV news at Google IO

Google TV at Google IO: What can we expect?


Google TV fans are avid to see what news may come from Google IO. We know the Search Giant is planning to have at least one announcement at IO, but until now we have no idea of what it could be. We are just as curious as you, so we have decided to go through some rumors and speculations to see what could come from Google’s yearly developer conference.

New Google TV Devices At Google IO

We don’t have concrete details, but multiple rumors of new devices have emerged. Whether these will be announced at Google IO or not is unknown, but Google may have a surprise up its sleeve. Especially since a Google IO session’s description mentions they will “explain the new features of the next generation Google TV platform.”

Nexus TV

google-nexus-tv-11-595x357Speculations of a possible Nexus TV have been present for a long time now. We keep wondering if Google will ever expand its Nexus program to the Google TV platform, but we won’t throw too many logs in this fire. Though it is an interesting concept, we haven’t seen any concrete evidence of such a device. We used to think the ASUS CUBE would be a Nexus Q replacement, but that has been cleared out (it isn’t).

Sony NSZ-GS8 Google TV

There is one device we could possibly see at Google IO, though nothing is for sure. The Sony NSZ-GS8 has recently received WiFi certification. This means Sony has been working on a successor to the NSZ-GS7, which is one of the most popular Google TV devices to date. We still have no details or other rumors available, but there is a slight chance we could see something from Sony. If not at Google IO, most likely later this year.


New Google TV Update/Features

Seeing one of the above devices announced at Google IO would be amazing, but we highly doubt it will happen. We are now a week away from Google IO and significant rumors have emerged. Now this doesn’t mean we won’t see a device! Google has been known to throw some curve balls in the past, but if we were to place bets I would put my money on software upgrades.

Sadly, we don’t have any details on any upcoming software details. This is pure speculation on my part, so please do not hold your breath on it.

Google TV Change of Direction?

android-logo-peekingThere is a single mention of Google TV in the Google IO session schedule, and for some reason it does not actually make mention of the platform’s name. Instead, the session is titled “Android: As soon on TV“. Though Google TV is based on Android, it is uncommon to really call it Android. Everyone refers to the smart TV OS as Google TV.

The interesting choice of words in this session has us wondering if Google planning a “bigger picture” change. Maybe a change in direction in which Google TV and Android are somehow merged? Who knows, but it could be a possibility.


As you can see, we have many “ifs” and speculations. Sadly, we don’t have strong enough evidence to really put our money on any of these options. Google IO is only a week away, though, so be sure to stay tuned to GTV Source because we will be there!