Google TV needs more internal storage

Improving Google TV: more internal & external storage options

Google TV still needs to evolve and is not as polished as we wish it was, though there has been major improvement. We can say it is not the smoothest and most user-friendly just yet, so we have decided to start a new series of articles pointing out Google TV’s flaws and needs. This happens to be the first one, but there will definitely be more to come.


How can we expect a media device to fulfill its purposes without sufficient internal storage? Google TV is sitting in the middle of your living room and it is meant to be the center of entertainment, but you can’t put a few HD movies in it without having to purchase a flash drive or external hard drive? Sounds a bit ridiculous to me.

I fully understand Google’s idea of the connected TV – we are meant to stream content. The problem is most users are not completely ready to let go of physical storage. This is why Redbox is so successful, the market is not ready to go full-speed ahead with streaming and cloud services just yet (Redbox’s prices also help).


Most Google TVs have between 4 and 8 GB of internal storage. This is insane. We have smartphones with 64 GB of internal storage, but we can’t put some good internal storage in a Google TV? Once again… this is the living room’s center of media entertainment we are talking about!

We shouldn’t need to purchase an external hard drive to keep a reasonable amount of songs and movies in our Google TVs. At the very least we could have better external storage integration. Maybe an SD or microSD card slot? Something that is a bit more discrete than a USB flash drive or an external HDD.

Manufacturers, we would appreciate some options with more internal storage. Even if they happen to cost a bit more. The first Google TV partner to bring at least a 32 GB hard drive will have quite a bit of attention from Google TV fans. Would you go out of your way to buy a Google TV device with more internal storage?


  • Chris Chavez

    Great point.

  • Aaron Berlin

    This is what networked shared drives are for, no?

    • Edgar Cervantes

      True…. but at that point, wouldn’t you be spending much more than if you just added more internal storage? I can see network drives being convenient, but not every user NEEDS them.

      I just want to have the option. That is what really gets to me. We DON’T have the option.

  • boonesimpson

    I would say that 8 gig of storage is plenty…for the OS and apps, plus it helps keep costs low
    Add a SD slot for app overflow and digital camera pics

    and here is the kicker….have a 2.5 or 3.5 sata bay. It can be empty, but would allow a user to add their own INTERNAL storage if they desire.

    I do agree that if games and NAS functions , home automation, and IP Cameras integrate into GTV, then more storage is a must, but since the GTV focus is still streaming, then it is not a huge issue at the moment. GTV has bigger issues than storage.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      You bring some really good points. All of those features might be coming, and by then demand could force manufacturers to step forward. I still think SOME users need the extra storage, though.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    To be honest, I don’t use physical storage either. I have a hard time filling up the few GB my Google TVs have. And my phones/tablets use less than 5 GB, the rest is just left free. But I simply don’t understand how Google TV can be lacking in this department.

    At least with other Android devices there are options. If you don’t need the storage then that’s fine, but if you do you can always get devices with more internal storage. We need the option.

    • Tagon42

      If it was a Nexus device (please Google announce one at I/O ) I would say it is just Google going all in with the online cloud stuff, but since it isn’t I would say simply price.

      I think it would be even less of a concern if it had some sort of airplay build in like the Apple TV Or how I understand AirPlay works.

      • Edgar Cervantes

        Funny thing, the ASUS CUBE actually works with AirPlay. lol. I just noticed last night. I can stream directly from my iPad.

  • Edgar Cervantes

    Well, there are Android and Chrome torrent clients already. Google TV has both platforms, so I guess that could be done.