Google TV Left In The Dust? [GOOGLE IO]

Google TV Left In The Dust? [GOOGLE IO]

Take one good look at the 2011 Google IO Sessions list and all you Google TV fans will be heartbroken: the event only includes ONE session about Google TV and it’s called “Building Android Apps for Google TV”. Chrome doesn’t fair too much better with only 2 Sessions including “Chrome” in their title.

Is Google going full throttle with Android and letting Google TV and Chrome blow in the wind, letting them sink or swim depending on the direction of the current/wind? Yeah, I know, way too many mixed up sayings in the last sentence but I think that’s the question – is Google confused?

When it comes to Google TV – absolutely not. We’ve got some interesting news we can’t quite share with you yet (hopefully tomorrow) that should prove Google is fully vested in Google TV and the fact that the only Google IO session is called “Building Android Apps for Google TV” is a pretty big hint.

On the Chrome front I think Google has MUCH more to worry about. I have no doubt that Chrome browser is staying put but I have many questions whether Chrome OS has a place in the market. Android started on phones and now has moved to tablets which is the middleground of sorts between phones and netbooks – where does Chrome OS fit in?

Another session plays a key role in understanding Google’s interest in Chrome OS: “HTML5 versus Android: Apps or Web for Mobile Development?” We’ve seen many articles about HTML5 eventually killing apps and Chrome OS – and really Chrome altogether – is a great insurance policy on their Android equity. By dominating the native mobile scene and paving the way with HTML 5, Google is ensuring their future presence on all types of technology we enjoy on a daily basis.

What do you think about the future of Android, Google TV, and Chrome, relative to HTML 5 and what Google is betting on?


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