Google TV is the best news source for most Americans

How Google TV can be the best news source for most Americans


When watching TV or consuming media we all have our preferences. Regardless od what you do with your TV, though, there is one media category we all take advantage of – news. Whether we are learning about the latest world events or the next Google TV. News is a huge part of the world of communications and I see Google TV as the best solution regardless of what your favorite news sources may be.

Then how come it hasn’t taken off? Google TV is one of the most successful smart TV platforms, but it has failed to reach the general public. It simply lacks exposure and support, but its potential and infrastructure are what has kept us hopeful here at GTV Source. Google TV was the first to merge TV and internet to this level, and these two happen to be America’s favorite news sources.

According to Gallup’s studies, TV is still the #1 source of news for Americans. About 55% of the US population turns to this digital window for their latest news (which seems unbelievable in the digital age, but such is the case). This is followed by the internet (21%), Print (9%), Radio (6%) and other sources (9%). We all have our preferences, but did you know Google TV could replace all of these sources?

How to watch TV on your Google TV

Google TV is designed to work with live TV from the ground up. We can almost say live TV is one of Google’s strongest points. Google TV may be a powerful internet tool, but its UI and features strongly suggest that it should be paired with a cable box in order to fully benefit from the platform’s potential.

Screen Shot 2012-11-14 at 8.59.46 AM

This is what separates Google TV from other smart TVs (and it’s also the reason why Xbox One is probably its biggest threat). Other smart TV boxes work completely separate from live TV. Other services force you to alternate between TV and smart TV, pretty much making them streaming boxes. Google TV merged TV and smart TV by taking your cable signal and overlaying its UI and features over it.

Not only does Google TV merge both online and offline video, but it also improves them. Google TV’s features make watching live TV much better. PrimeTime is a much better TV guide compared to any native cable guide. Voice Search let’s you switch channels and look for your favorite shows (or news) by simply speaking. You can even add shortcuts to your favorite channels. And those examples are simply the tip of the Google TV iceberg.

How to use the internet on your Google TV

Google TV can benefit from most internet capabilities. For starters, it comes pre-installed with the most popular browser in the world. Yes, we are talking about Chrome.


You can access all your favorite blogs, sites, government sites or wherever you may get your online news from, straight from your Google TV. Some news sources even have their own apps for Google TV, including Fox, CNN, The Washington Post and more.

If you are like me, you will agree that many times we find out about news from social networks. These are also accessible via Google TV, whether it be through apps or the browser. Granted, social networking is not the best experience on Google TV.

The apps are lacking, the browser is not necessarily the fastest (that should change with the Android 4.2.2 update). Social networking is definitely doable, though, and it is one of those abilities that will be improved with time.

How to read print news on Google TV

Those who read the newspaper may like the fresh smell of printed paper; being able to hold and take your newspaper wherever you may go; reading it during your commute to work or during your lunch break. You are probably in love with the past and that is why you are still purchasing newspapers, but it is important to note those are also online.

newspaperYou can pay your newspaper subscription online, via the browser (and some even have apps). Of course, some small newspapers are less likely to offer these commodities, but the larger companies offer them. Simply open Chrome on your Google TV, head over to your newspaper’s (or magazine’s) website and get reading!

Now, if portability is what you want, you can also use their apps or access them through the browser on your mobile devices. Oh, and maybe soon enough the Google Play Store will offer newspaper and magazine subscriptions to Google TV!

How to listen to radio on Google TV

There are multiple apps and websites that will allow you to listen to the radio on your Google TV. I don’t listen to the radio much, but when I do I use TuneIn radio for Google TV.

It doesn’t have a dedicated app, but it has a very good web app you can access by simply going to from your Google TV’s browser. The UI is very similar to other Google TV web apps, with a list of options to the left and big thumbs covering a big portion of the screen.


TuneIn offers radio stations from all over the world, so odds are your favorite will be in there.


All these capabilities make us realize just how powerful Google TV is. The fact that it can replace all major sources of news consumption is impressive, especially for a platform most people still consider immature. Now imagine if Google TV had the dev support and exposure it deserves!

Just like news, Google TV can be used for many things… even gaming. We continue to believe in Google TV’s future, even if sometimes we may feel a bit upset about Google’s decisions. The fact is Google TV is a great tool and adds much entertainment to my life, albeit it needs some work.

How many of you have been using your Google TV to replace all these other items and services? Do you have some options you believe to be superior to mine? Let us know!

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  • kervation

    Just recently purchased a Google TV set top box, the Vizio Co-Star. I absolutely love it! The platform is very capable and I am using my TV set in ways that were near to impossible several years ago. I am still learning about new features and accessing new web content daily. I would like to see more dev support for the platform as it has so much potential.

    BTW, great site. I have been keeping up with all things GTV. Keep up the good work and let’s hope Google allows the platform to expand.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Thanks for being around and supporting us! We will always do our best to offer you and everyone else the best content.