Google TV apps updated: YouTube and Movies & TV

Google TV apps updated: YouTube and Movies & TV

Updates don’t come around the Google TV realm very often, so seeing a couple of the most important ones getting refreshed is nice. What a great surprise it was to see a couple updates on my Google TV today! Google has just updated both the YouTube and Movies & TV apps and we may have a bit to look forward to.

Google TV

This is definitely the most significant of the two, so check out our video demonstration and read on for more details!

What’s in version 1.6?

  • Simplified player screen.
  • Send YouTube videos from your mobile device to TV.

The ability to send YouTube videos to our TVs is nothing new. That came with the last update, so nothing to see here. Now moving on to the more important part: the YouTube player does have a “simplified” screen. The video commands are now accessed by pressing the up button, while pressing down will take you directly to Related Videos, Uploads and the like. The video commands are also a bit more sleek, with a much more modern look to them.

Google Play Movies & TV

Many of us won’t directly notice the changes in this update. It makes the app available in a total of 11 countries, while it also helps speed things up in the background. New TV episodes will see faster updates and downloads will be more resilient. Not bad (actually pretty nice)!

Keep them coming! Google TV still needs some work and these slight improvements make a huge difference if done continuously.

Download the apps from Google Play

Google Play Store: YouTube for Google TV
Google Play Store: Google Play Movies & TV