Google TV announcement at Google IO 2013

Google TV announcement still coming from Google IO


Google has officially released its I/O sessions schedule and at first sight there seem to be a problem. Though it was promised we would see a Google TV announcement at Google IO, there seems to be no sign of it at the sessions schedule. I have to confess I was freaking out too, but we found out Google IO will still bring forth some good Google TV news.

There actually is a session dedicated to Google TV, but it is worded differently. The session is named “Android: As seen on TV”. We have no doubt this is Google TV-related, but the choice of words makes us wonder what the announcement will be all about.

We are hoping for new software upgrades and devices, but could it be that Google is planning a “bigger picture” announcement? This is just speculation, but this session’s name makes it seem like Google could very well be planning a Google TV re-branding (maybe Android TV?).

This could clear the popular misconception that Google TV is not related to, or doesn’t come with Android. Maybe Google plans to further merge Google TV to its Android ecosystem. We have seen them re-brand the Google Play Store (formerly known as Android Market), so who is to say Google TV won’t officially become part of the Android family?

This would give Google TV a substantial marketing boost. Of course, we still would like to see some new devices or software upgrades, though. Having one Google TV session at I/O is still not enough, so we hope the Search Giant makes up for it during the press conference.

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  • Pace

    They are making your phone/tablet able to turn into a google tv device through a docking station.

  • James Young

    I’d actually welcome a docking station. 2.5″ drive bay in the bottom, optical and rca out so I can connect it to my receiver and use nexus q functionality. hopefully they add local flac/mp3 playing from SMB shares in the nexus q software

  • Gunnar Forsgren

    Maybe it´s about Second Screen; very popular craze with broadcasters; mobile apps that are in sync with aired TV programs and offer complementary content related to the currently aired content. People can use 2nd screen apps on their mobile phones and touchpads to give feedback, vote, view related info, etc. I have been wanting to see this develop for radio programs where it would really transform the medium.