Google trying to sell Motorola’s TV set-top division?

Google trying to sell Motorola’s TV set-top division?

Google may be happy to keep every single one of Motorola’s patents, but it seems the company is not planning to carry the whole baggage. The latest reports state that the Search Giant is trying to sell Motorola’s Home Business unit for about $2 billion, the same division that builds set-top boxes for cable providers, as well as other related products.

You may have heard us ranting on how Google is leaving Google TV behind and not taking advantage of opportunities to further boost the platform’s success. This happens to be in some ways another example – Motorola’s set-top box business could have been a great opportunity to improve Google TV boxes and even be able to expand it to be offered through cable providers.

Instead, the Mountain View-based company has been rumored to hire Barclays Plc to help them find a customer to acquire Motorola’s Home Business division. We suppose Google has never been too interested in anything other than the patents, which would help the company protect itself against the likes of Apple and other “patent bullies.” But even though this would help Google get a portion of those $12.5 billion spent on Motorola, wouldn’t it have been better to try to turn this department into a part of Google TV, or maybe even Google Fiber?

Maybe Google simply believes it should focus on Motorola’s mobile devision, as that is an area in which both companies (now one) have clearly succeeded. But sadly, Google has just let go of another good opportunity to promote Google TV.

[Via: Bloomberg]