Google: “Stay tuned for Google TV news at I/O”

Google: “Stay tuned for Google TV news at I/O”


Google I/0 2012 was not the most exciting event for Google TV fans. Our favorite smart TV platform was not even mentioned, a fact that many considered to be a sign of the platform’s slow death. Things are now improving, with more manufacturers jumping on board, so is this the year for Google TV to shine? It seems so!

If we are to trust the Google TV Developers Google+ page, we should certainly be getting something this time around:

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 12.20.15 PM

We have no idea what Google could have up its sleeve, but we can expect something. At least we know Google TV won’t be completely ignored this time around.

The platform was recently updated to version 3, so we doubt we are looking at a significant upgrade. We would be willing to bet there will be at least one device announced. Maybe that rumored Nexus TV? Or more devices from Google’s partners? What do you think?

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