Google set to release a Google TV set-top box

Google working on its own Google TV box – return of the Nexus Q?


We have recently published an article summarizing what we can expect from Google IO. It didn’t include any solid evidence of a device announcement, but the situation has quickly changed. Rumors of a possible Google-manufactured TV set-top box have been quickly spreading. Could we be talking about a Nexus Google TV?

Some people believe it could be the return of the Nexus Q. The over-priced device didn’t do much and had to be axed, making us wonder why Google didn’t just add Google TV to it from the get-go. Not only would it make the $300 orb much more enticing, but it would open Google TV’s doors to many opportunities.

Of course, $300 is still a lot of money for a Google TV. At least in today’s standards. Google would have to offer said set-top box for a much lower price for it to take off. This rumor is very fresh so we are not sure if it will be announced at Google IO (That is, if it ever gets announced at all). Let’s hope Google has some awesome secrets up its sleeve, though. If it is not a new device, at least we know we should have something good coming.

We will be at Google IO next week so stay tuned to see what could be coming!

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  • Matthew Rhodes

    It would be interesting to see the Nexus Q come back!