Google said to release Nexus TV next year

Google said to release Nexus TV next year


Google is said to be working on a Nexus TV. Google TV fans have been dreaming of a Nexus-branded TV or set-top box for a long time. It seems it is finally happening, except this rumored device would not be a Google TV. It seems the rumors of the new “Android TV” are true, and this might be the first device to come with the new platform.

The rumor comes from The Information, who’s sources claim this Android-based set-top box would could be released as soon as the first half of 2014. This device would be able to stream video from services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. In addition, the box would also allow you to play some video games.

This sounds a lot like Google TV, except for one factor – it will not support live broadcast TV. Which is the biggest known difference between Android TV and Google TV.

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All these living room platforms leave us in a very confused state of mind. We have Google TV, which was meant to blend live TV and smart TV in the best way possible. Then Chromecast comes along with an amazing price and great potential for support. Now Android TV, with no focus on live TV? What is going on here?

Will Google TV simply be axed and replaced by Android TV? If such is the case, will Google no longer care for live TV? Will all of these platforms live together? If Google wanted to replace Google TV, why not just focus on one platform?

These are only a few of the questions this situation raises. We will find out more about this next year, we suppose.

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