Google opening its own retail stores? Time for Google TV to shine!

Google opening its own retail stores? Time for Google TV to shine!

Google TV needs some help to succeed and the Search Giant hasn’t been doing a great job at providing it. This problem might be solved by the end of the year, though! The possibility of Google opening its own physical retail stores has been very present lately, but today we have more specific rumors. It seems Google might be coming to town this holiday season.

According to 9to5Google’sextremely reliable source”, Google is getting ready to launch its own stores to bring exposure to new and upcoming Google products.

The idea seems to have aroused after Google’s team was debating on how to make Google Glass more popular. Such an up-and-coming technology needs a boost to become successful, especially with a $500-$1000 average price-point. Unless you want to sell the devices to just a few nerds here and there, that is. You kinda need to get them in their hands before you get them in their face.

The decision to give Google Glass more exposure sparked the idea of a Google Store, in which they would also be able to promote other Google products. This is where we are hoping Google TV will come into play! It’s hard to try out Google TV without buying a device. Hell, it’s hard to get a Google Tv from a store, at all. The only devices I have been able to try in-store (not including press events), are the Sony and LG Google TVs. And yes, I mean the physical televisions, not set top boxes. These are much more expensive, so even if people end up liking Google TV they are much less likely to actually purchase a device.

Having a store where all (or most) Google TV devices can be tested would be ideal. Let’s just hope Google doesn’t push its TV platform aside this time. They seem to have plans for Google Glass, Chrome, driverless cars and all these other cool products, but they rarely ever mention Google TV. I’ll tell you now, if I go into these stores this December and find less than 2 Google TV products, I’ll start flipping their tables.


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