Google Now updated with TV cards

Google Now updated with TV cards


Google Search for Android has been updated with a feature many Google TV users will love. Google Now is now featuring TV cards, allowing you to get more information about shows or movies you watch on your internet-connected TV.

NikWallendaThe feature is only available in the US for now, and your internet TV must be on the same network as your Android smartphone or tablet. Once you receive the update from the Google Play store, you can simply open Google Now and tap on the “Listen for a TV show” option. From there, the device will listen (literally) and determine what you are watching, giving you great info about the show/movie a few seconds later (actors, synopsis, etc.).

Since the device is actually listening with the microphone, we are not sure why the TV would have to be internet-connected. Also, though it’s great to see this feature come to all internet-connected TV users, we can’t help but feel like this could have been a great feature to give Google TV, exclusively.

Having this functionality alone won’t make people go out of their way to choose Google TV, but having an overall intuitive experience with Android will. If Google gave more attention and awesome features to Google TV, the general opinion of Google TV would quickly improve.

This is how all the other competitors are making their services better and Google needs to put attention. We need people to think: “Google TV can do this while other smart TV platforms can’t.” Yes, it would be a bit deceiving, but we can all agree that Google is not exactly a charity organization. Plus, Google TV really needs some help. Not only to get more exposure, but also to improve as a platform.

With that said, I am also glad we all get to enjoy this awesome Google Now feature! Let’s grab the update from the Google Play Store and enjoy it.

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  • Joe Fedewa

    When will Google Now comes to GTV?

    • Edgar Cervantes

      That is a big one. They have all these Voice Search features now, so hopefully they are working on it.

  • Scott Breitbach

    Anyone know if this works with the Revue? I’ve not seen this card on my phone or tablet yet…