Google Fiber: Further Proof of Google Abandoning Google TV

Google Fiber: Further Proof of Google Abandoning Google TV

Google Fiber has just announced its launch in Kansas City, signaling one of the biggest moves for the future of (real) high-speed and accessible internet. It is a great step forward from the Search Giant, a step that is sure to change the whole country at some point. There is a bit of a discrepancy, though, one that simply can not be ignored by Google TV fans. Mountain View has once again decided to ignore the very existence of its smart TV platform, without making a single effort to advertise it or push its success even a little.

This comes a surprise, as Google fiber seems to have been every other product’s time to shine. Google is boasting its amazing internet speeds and a bundled TV experience; all for a price that is hands-down unbeatable. One can get 5 Mbps internet for free (with a $300 construction fee), 1 Gbps internet for only $70 per month and 1 Gbps internet plus TV for $120 per month. The latter 2 having waived construction fees.

If that wasn’t enough, users are getting an Android Nexus 7 tablet and discounted prices for Samsung Chromebooks. So once again: what about Google TV? A substantial part of this services revolves around the television. And with this being a major announcement, it was Google TV’s time to shine, more so than Android and Chrome OS. Why Google decided to put its smart TV platform aside continues to be a mystery and makes no sense.

Even if Google didn’t see it fit to offer a discount for Google TV products, they could have at least mentioned its very existence. It enhances the TV experience and is highly based on the internet. A simple mention would suffice.

Both the Sony Google TV and the Vizio Co-star have recently launched. The latter flew off the shelves in a matter of 12 hours after pre-orders going up, due to its very affordable $100 price-tag. The second round seems to have already sold out, as well. This means there is a market for this, and Google could help the world see the platform’s benefits. Google TV’s would have received a monumental boost if they had taken a minute or two to talk about these products, and how they can improve Google Fiber’s offerings. Especially at that price!

If those options are not enough, how about simply bundling Google TV with the service. Customers are already getting a TV box – would it really be a bad idea to simply build Google TV into those? Even if the price of the box was a bit higher, Google is already throwing the house out the window here. Giving away tablets as remotes? Yes, I will admit that sounds amazing, and I would not complain if I was a Google Fiber customer. But that is simply overkill.

Customers would have signed up for these services with or without the tablet offering. A simple remote with some cool features would have made users more than happy. And to be honest, it would have made more sense to give customers a good Google TV experience under these circumstances. Google Fiber is not directly related to Android, but it is directly related to the TV (and internet). Plus, do people really want a 7-inch tablet as a remote? It just makes more sense to have pushed Google TV. It would have raised the platform’s popularity, making developers more enticed to work with the platform and bring better content. The chicken and the egg paradox we see with user base and developer support would have been taken care of.

We don’t know what Google is planning for Google TV. They might be under the impression that it will just take off on its own, much like Android did. Either that, or the company has simply started to give up on the platform due to its lack of adoption. It is not time to give up, and the platform continues to have much potential. Vizio’s success is only one example of this. Google, it is great to see you revolutionizing the world in other areas, but please do not leave Google TV abandoned. At least not yet.