Google could kill cable TV providers with streaming live TV

Google to launch streaming TV service – will it save or kill Google TV?


The rumor mill has started again and we feel like this time it will be hard to stop it. Anonymous sources are stating Google is in talks with media companies about licensing content for an upcoming internet TV streaming service.

The upcoming IPTV service would compete against cable TV and offer something similar to the traditional live TV experience we all know. What exactly would make it different? One of the advantages internet giants could offer is a much better experience, possibly even a “smart” one. What concerns us more is how this will be paired with our beloved Google TV, though.

Rumors don’t specify anything on the matter, meaning this could either be a Google TV feature or a completely different service (the latter seems more plausible). Depending on how it all turns out, this service could either save or kill Google TV.

How Google’s streaming TV could save Google TV

Google could integrate streaming live TV to Google TV exclusively. This would give Google TV a huge advantage over the competition and turn everything around. Knowing Google, the live TV service will probably be priced very competitively. Making Google TV not just a good smart TV platform, but a very convenient live TV service.


If we think about it, Google TV would then become the chord-cutter’s dream come true. People would be enticed to come to Google TV for the experience and affordable live TV. And with more users come more developers.

Google TV has been the smart TV platform with the most potential for a long time. The platform is powerful and it really can become the best, but lack of apps and developer support has kept it from booming.

How Google’s streaming TV could kill Google TV

However, Google could go the easier route. This would be to simply sell a set-top box that works like a cable box that connects to your internet. This would give Google’s new TV service a boost from the get-go, but users would then be able to use it with any smart TV of their choice.

no-google-tvThis is not necessarily a bad thing. As Google users we love the freedom to use our products and services as we wish, but as Google TV users we would love to see the Search Giant giving us some special love.

If this were to come to fruition, it would be nice to at least have Google TV built into the new set-top box(es). We somehow doubt it, and if our suspicions are correct this means Google would be giving more power to its competitors. And we know many dangerous ones are coming.


Really, it’s all a toss-up right now. We are not sure how anything would work, or if this service is even coming at all. What we do know is that the list of competitors is adding up. We have Intel, Microsoft, Sony, Apple and many others coming in strong.

Google needs to do something if they want Google TV to be successful, and this rumors comes as the best option we have seen in a long time. Let’s do it right, Google!

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    they need to make this a Google TV exclusive!

    • Eli Shirk

      Agreed, GTV has so much potential, and I think Google needs to reach out to current GTV users who are no doubt feeling neglected. Adding exclusive Streaming TV service would bring a smile to current GTV users faces, and would certainly attract many new users who have been looking for a real option to cord cutting.