Google Code Publishes Another Google TV UI Article

Google Code Publishes Another Google TV UI Article

Yesterday Google expanded its collection of articles revolving around Google TV by posting an addition to its Articles section, called “Google TV UI Templates”. The first article – Google TV UI Templates, AJAX, and PHP/MySQL –  talks about how to AJAX with existing templates to create GTV Optimized websites with dynamic content.

“Google TV brings together the web and TV and provides a seamless experience for users to consume content from both sources. As a connected TV platform Google TV runs on the Android operating system and comes with Google Chrome web browser that has built-in Adobe Flash compatibility. Users get their favorite TV programming on Google TV plus full access to the web as well as optimized web apps written in either HTML5 or Flash.

In this article we’re going to focus on web apps (i.e. optimized web sites for Google TV). Regular web sites, while readily accessible on the big screen of Google TV, do not provide users the best possible experience because web content tends to be text-heavy. For users sitting back in a couch 10 feet away from the screen, more in tune with passive viewing experience of traditional TV, a heavy load of text and links is not the most effective way to provide a quality user experience. For this reason it is highly recommended that these design guidelines be followed when designing and developing your web apps for Google TV.”

They use template two (Single-page playback with Category Bar, Video Carousel, Video View, and Playback Controls all in one single page) for this tutorial and take you step by step through the process.

Template 2

Those of you looking to develop your sites for optimized use with GTV really should check out their Google TV Web collection of resources. Its a fair amount of juicy goodness to get you on your way.  Got a site you’ve built that you want us to check out? Post below and let us know!

[Google TV Web | Google TV UI Templates, AJAX, and PHP/MySQL]