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Sign up to get notified when the Sony NSZ-GS8 becomes available


Sony announced the new NSZ-GS8 Google TV this week and the product page is already up! You can’t buy or pre-order just yet, but you can go ahead and sign up to get notified whenever the Google TV set-top box does become available.

The product page doesn’t really display much else that we didn’t know about the device. The specs give us a long list of details, but hardware specs are mostly lacking. Everything else still looks much like the NSZ-GS7.


The unit will go for sale very soon. Release is scheduled for early July and the price is set at $199. Go sign up for a notification if you are interested! You can do it straight from Sony’s product page.

Are any of you upgrading to a Sony NSZ-GS8?

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  • disqus_K1nMSJpiAQ

    This will probably be my first Google TV device. I have a Roku 3 now. I wanted to get the Asus Cube but the reviews I read on Amazon and Newegg werent that great so I am hoping this is a home run.

    • AndroidProfit

      I just returned my Sony Google TV box to get the Roku. I suppose if you keep your Roku you will be happy but I couldn’t imagine going from Roku to Google TV.

  • bpulecio

    I’m thinking about upgrading my old Logitech Revue. I got it pretty much when it came out. It’s getting a little slow, and freezes sometimes on Amazon VoD.

  • captainkirk

    I don’t see a link on the Sony page for updates, just a pre-order link.