Eurochannel launches on the US & Canada for Google TV, Android

Eurochannel launches on the US & Canada for Google TV, Android

Eurochannel is a great portal for watching European content. The only way for Americans to access it has been through DISH Network so far, though, giving the channel a rather small reach in this side of the lake. In an effort to turn this around, Eurochannel has decided to launch a full-featured application for Google TV, Android phones and tablets.

The subscription-based service is not free to use, as it carries a monthly fee of $7.99. After paying this reasonable price, subscribers in the USA and Canada will be able to access European TV shows, movies, music and documentaries from the comfort of their Google TV (or Android device). There is nothing wrong with trying out the service to see if it fits your budget, as users would be grated a 7-day trial. But there is no doubt Europeans living in the US or Canada will love it.

“We are excited about this new way to deliver our content. Eurochannel will not only be available as a cable and satellite channel. This new option will definitely complement our offering, especially those people who don’t have easy access to cable or satellite subscriptions or who cannot switch to operator that carries our channel. Our current TV viewers will also now be able to enjoy Eurochannel on the go.” – Gustavo Vainstein, President of Eurochannel

This is a very smart way to conduct business. In fact, HBO, Showtime and the likes should follow Eurochannel’s example. For many users, it is impossible, inconvenient or complicated to get a cable subscription in order to have access to such premium channels. We would be more than willing to pay to be able to use apps like HBO Go, though. In fact, the only reason why I got cable TV and subscribed to HBO is to use said application. Is it really that hard to cut out the middle man and charge for a subscription to the HBO Go app?

The fact is that these decisions are based on other factors, and HBO has openly admitted that they would rather not allow this. Yes, even if that means more people will be pirating their popular shows (e.g. Game of Thrones). Regardless, you can now head over to the Google Play Store and enjoy everything Eurochannel has to offer; whether it be on your tablet, phone or almighty Google TV!

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