Enblink turns your Google TV into a home automation system

Turn your Google TV into a smart home device with Enblink


Home automation is definitely in the future of smart technology. In fact, many of us can say it’s the present, but most smart home options are way too expensive for most of us to even consider. Android @ Home was our biggest hope, but Google axed it without giving it a try. Now we are looking at a good solution to those of us who want to turn our homes into residences of the future.

In comes the Enblink plugin for Google TV. The USB dongle plugs into your Google TV device and can control a variety of home electronics. It allows you to automate supported devices to fit your entertainment mood perfectly. That is only the tip of the iceberg, though.

It being compatible with Google TV makes it a great device for controlling lighting and sound, for example. Enblink takes it further by also making your Google TV and Enblink duo a complete home automation system. It is compatible with lighting, security sensors, door locks IP cameras and more.


Enblink currently has a mobile app you can get straight from the Google Play Store, while the iOS app is currently being built. With this app you can control your smart appliances from your smartphone or tablet. It would surely be a shame if Enblink was only able to be controlled via Google TV.

enblink-appI am pre-ordering this bad boy and am hoping that it exceeds my expectations. There is so much one could do with a Google TV powered smart home system. It should be pretty basic, but I imagine a future where your lights can turn off and on (or dim) depending on the situation in a movie. Lights flashing on when there is lightning, for example. That’s just one example, the list can go on and on.

For now, I will be happy with my appliances being available for me to control with my phone. If you want to see more about the Enblink plugin you can go to their official website, where you can also pre-order the device for $85. You can also purchase the lighting and security packs for $145 each.

Shipping is estimated to start in 30-45 days, so you might need some patience. Are you ready to see what Enblink is bringing?

Thanks, Kirk!


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  • boonesimpson

    curious if this uses the same z-wave chipset as other USB zwave adapters.

    Would be cool to use enblinks app with ANY z wave usb adapter which can be had for half as much.

  • captainkirk

    You are welcome. Thanks for posting. I look forward to trying this out soon as well as hearing feedback from others.