Chromecast functionality coming to Google TV!

Chromecast functionality coming to Google TV!


Yesterday’s announcement of the Chromecast made many Google TV fans upset. The streaming dongle offers nice features Google TV users would love to have, and actually have been asking for. We were actually wondering if Chromecast would go as far as beating our favorite smart TV platform, but Google has just confirmed such will not be the case.

chromecastIn fact, Googler Warren Rehman (who works on Google TV) has stated that Chromecast’s functionality is coming to Google TV devices. You will get the features if you have an ARM-based Google TV getting Jelly Bean (second-generation and beyond).

Google reassures us that Google TV is not dead and that “partners are continuing to launch new Google TV-enabled HDTVs and boxes.” Google believes there is room for both devices in Google Town. Google TV can do much more than Chromecast, while Chromecast is amazingly affordable.

We are just glad Google TV is not getting completely forgotten here. In fact, you may not even want to purchase a Chromecast dongle anymore. If you have a Google TV (that is getting Jelly Bean) and don’t mind waiting, your device should be getting Cast soon enough.

[via Warren Rehman]

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  • Christian Orellana

    Phew! I was worried there for a second, this is great news!

  • Sean

    Is the Vizio Co Star going to get it?

    • Matthew Drake

      I was wondering the same thing,I’m still in the hunt for “jelly bean where are you?” might as well give us Key Lime Pie too,while they’re at