CheapCast enables Chromecasting on nearly any Android device

CheapCast enables Chromecasting on nearly any Android device

We say “nearly” because as the developer behind the newly released CheapCast app in the Google Play Store makes clear: “This is a early Beta version. Some (if not all) things might not work correctly.” But if reviews are anything to go by, which they totally are, then CheapCast is functioning better than anticipated.

First of all, you’d need to be all learned up on how to sideload apps to your Google TV or other Android powered device. Just visit our GTVSource forums to get the answers you seek or ask the questions you need answered.

As the video above suggests, tablets work too. Once the app has been installed successfully on the device you wish to act as a Chromecast dongle, just start the CheapCast app and connect it and your controller device to your home network. Streaming content from supported apps using CheapCast is said to work “almost perfectly.”

Again, the CheapCast app is not even in a beta stage of development and is available in the Google Play Store. Use it at your own risk. If this is exactly what you plan to do, say with your OUYA or Android tablet, be sure to let us know how it treats you with a comment down below.

[via Phandroid]

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    One of these days, my new Nexus 7 FHD, will Chromecast, to my android TV.