Can a Nexus TV change the game for Google TV?

Can a Nexus TV change the game for Google TV?

Nexus devices are among the most exciting in the Android platform. Devices under this brand are anxiously awaited, with rumors and speculation going year round, but is there a possibility the search giant will ever take the Nexus brand to Google TV? The guys at t3n have been wondering the same and have taken it upon themselves to create some concept images of what such TV could be. Let me tell you, guys, it is one sexy piece of technology.

The idea of Google making a Nexus TV is not completely out of the question. We have seen them venture out of traditional Android devices with the almost-released Nexus Q media streaming orb. This device was manufactured by Google, which also made it a first of its kind. But TV manufacturing is completely different, so we assume the best route would be to partner with one of Google’s partners to create a Google TV.

Such TV would be like no other: it would have all the components to make it a “smart” device. Ports would include USB, SD card slots, VGA, DVI and the other usual TV ports. On the wireless side, we would probably see WiFi, Bluetooth and maybe even NFC. It would literally have to be a big Android tablet with Google TV in its guts.

We would hope this TV would be able to compete with all other TVs in the market. Not only in specs and features, but also in price. Google TV’s lack of accessibility has been its major flaw. The few televisions with Google TV are not necessarily the best TVs, but they have the price of a high-end television. There are some affordable alternatives (like the VIZIO Co-Star and Sony Google TV box), but customers have to go out of their way and spend extra money on these.

There simply isn’t enough of an incentive for most people to pay extra for a Google TV experience. Many TVs already come with their manufacturer’s smart TV platform, not to mention BluRay players, game consoles, and other more affordable streaming devices. What Google needs to do is beat the competition by making a good quality TV at a price that no other manufacturer would sell an equally specced product for. And these specs would have to include a good panel, LED, 1080p, at least 120 Hz and 3D viewing.

Only then will Google TV become more relevant to the general consumer. And if Google were to release a Nexus TV, this would probably be what they would aim to do. It is the same strategy they follow for manufacturing and selling other Nexus devices lately. The Nexus 4 is almost considered a high-end device, but it retails for $300 without a contract. The Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 are great tablets too, and they are much cheaper than comparable tablets in the market.

We believe Google will wait a while before making such a move. They would probably like to see Google TV further mature and get more recognition first. Then again, a good Nexus TV would accomplish this. It is a good risk, and we can’t dwell on the chicken and egg dilemma forever – someone has to make a move, and Google has the power to do it.

The Google TV team is finally pushing stronger with great updates and more user communication, so let’s hope things keep getting better. Until then, I will keep dreaming of a Nexus TV that can get all updates on time, as well as offer a great viewing experience at a good price. Would you join us and get yourself a Nexus TV? What specs and price would make it a fair deal?

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