ASUS CUBE with Google TV undergoes name & price change

ASUS CUBE with Google TV undergoes name & price change

It missed its Q1 release window, but we are still happy to see the ASUS CUBE coming soon. Last week we uncovered the Google TV device’s official release date (April 23rd). We thought things would go smoothly for the CUBE after this, but the manufacturer is now informing us it is making some sudden changes.


As you may have noticed in the paragraph above, the first change is the name. It went from ASUS Qube to ASUS CUBE with Google TV – so it lost the Q. This seems to be due to some licensing agreement issues. No more details were given about the matter.

But we don’t care about the name, right? Just give me my $130 Google TV! Um… that’s exactly the problem. Even though ASUS told us at CES that the device would cost $129, the price has now changed to $139.99. It is never nice to learn we will have to pay more for a product, even if it’s only $10.

I know I will definitely be checking it out. Will you spend the extra $10 for it?