ASUS CUBE with Google TV unboxing

ASUS CUBE with Google TV unboxing

The mailman has arrived with our ASUS CUBE with Google TV and we could not wait to show it to you! We recorded a quick unboxing video showing you what comes in the box and giving you our first impressions. Let’s jump right in.

The device seems pretty nice! Yes, it is much bigger than most other Google TV devices, but we must realize Google TVs are not meant to be ultra-portable (though they can be). I happen to really like the design, even if it could be smaller. The set-top box is “plasticky”, but it feels solid and is almost as heavy as the VIZIO Co-Star. The weight is very centered at the bottom, which makes it feel much sturdier (doesn’t wiggle or tip over). The box will live next to your TV, though, so let’s check out the part of the CUBE you will be in contact with most of the time.

The remote is thinner but it doesn’t sacrifice much on build quality. I don’t like that it has two separate spots for batteries, I feel like it brings more room for accidents and losing parts. The keys are made of rubber, but it definitely feels harder than the Co-Star’s. Buttons give good feedback and it’s easier to type, even if the letter/number key arrangement is a bit weird (you get used to it after a few hours).

Overall, the ASUS CUBE with Google TV feels good and looks good, but can it beat the competition? Well that depends on many factors, which we will dive into in the full review. For now, enjoy the video and let us know if you are thinking of getting the ASUS CUBE!

Also, remember the device will be released this April 23rd for $139.99. Have you pre-ordered it yet?