ASUS CUBE with Google TV release

PSA: ASUS CUBE with Google TV still releasing today! [UPDATE: purchase it now!]


The ASUS CUBE has been through a rough ride. It wasn’t released during Q1 as promised, it has undergone a name change and even the price went up a bit. The most recent issue might be confusing many of you. We recently uncovered the release date as April 23rd, but Newegg (the first retailer to sell the device) has been switching the release date around.

It was set as the 24th and they more recently switched it to the 25th. We were a bit confused by what’s going on at Newegg so we reached out to ASUS to clarify things. ASUS has confirmed to us that the device will, indeed, be released today. The guys at Newegg just happen to be running through their pre-sale stock and have a lot of work to do.

If you were planning on purchasing the ASUS CUBE with Google TV today, you should still be able to do it! It is still available through Newegg and more retailers should be getting in line anytime now. We have a review coming very, very soon. Stay tuned for that and let us know if you are considering making the CUBE your next Google TV!

Purchase it now!

Aside from it being sold from Newegg, we have just gotten word that the ASUS CUBE will also be sold from Amazon, Adorama, Microcenter and TigerDirect. And guess what? Here are some links if you want to buy it! They are in stock and ready to ship!