Apple TV gets HBO Go

Apple TV gets HBO Go while Google TV loses it


Apple TV has just gained compatibility with 5 new streaming services: WatchESPN, Sky News, Crunchyroll, Qello and… HBO Go. This leaves Google TV users with a bitter taste in their mouths as they lose HBO Go support. Especially considering Apple TV’s closed ecosystem makes it much, much harder to get apps.

apple-tvThe reason? It goes back to Android stopping support for Flash, which HBO Go needs in order to stream video in the browser. HBO Go is a very important service to many Google TV users, so we are hoping the content provider will offer a solution.

The best option would probably be to offer a native app. Sadly, HBO hasn’t stated if there will be a solution, whether it comes in the form of a native app or not. Considering HBO Go’s past support for Android and Google TV, it is very possible there will be a fix. Soon or not, but it should come.

Meanwhile, we will sit here and see how the closed-ecosystem Apple TV users get to enjoy HBO Go while our nearly-unrestricted Google TV devices don’t. This needs to be fixed, or else more people will be forced to opt for Apple’s set-top box.


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  • disbelief65

    So HBO GO does not work with Google TV/Android because Google TV/Android does not support Adobe Flash but HBO GO is supported on aTV? Am I the only one reading this post understand that iOS(aTV’s OS) also does not support flash? Sooo once again why doesn’t HBO GO work with GoogleTV other than HBO wants it that way?