Apple TV (3rd Generation) vs. Google TV

Apple TV (3rd Generation) vs. Google TV

Apple is holding an event today for the iPad 3, but they also announced a new Apple TV. This is the 3rd gneration of Apple TV devices. The question is how does Apple’s third attempt at TV compare to Google’s first? Let’s take a look.

The new model of the Apple TV supports 1080p video output. Google TV also supports 1080p video output. The Apple TV can now also stream movie purchases from iCloud. Google TV can do this, and with the recent Google Play push we’ll likely see more cloud streaming to the device. Apple TV has a new UI, seen in the image above. Google TV has also recently received a UI refresh.

The biggest difference between the Apple TV and Google TV is the pricing. Apple is still pricing the device at only $99, a real steal. Google TV devices range in price, but most are more expensive than that. If Google really wants to be in the TV game they need to start competing with Apple more agressively. They have many of the same features, but nearly as many users.

[via The Verge


  • Kurt Felton

    The thing that stops me from going to Google TV full time is the lack of content. Renting movies in HD seems impossible unless you want to do so via Amazon, which the quality of HD is just terrible compared to iTunes…