Amazon “Firetube” to be the next smart TV competitor?

Amazon trademarks “Firetube” – another Google TV competitor?


Google TV is having a rough time with the amount of competitors entering the market. Things are definitely not about to slow down for the smart TV industry, a booming market begging for the right manufacturer. Enter the Amazon Firetube, the next tech monster to bring a set-top box.

Amazon has recently trademarked “Firetube”, a name with obvious purposes. Amazon has been using the term “fire” for all of its Android tablets, which means this trademark should also be linked to their device production. Using “tube” in the trademarked name is also hinting at a TV device.

Nothing is official, of course. We are not sure if/when such device would be announced, but we can see Amazon stepping into this territory. They have their video streaming services, app store and book collection. Taking on the TV market would help them increase their sales.

Not to mention, Amazon is known for selling their devices at an affordable price. This could not only be a Google TV competitor, but maybe even a Chromecast challenger. Let’s wait and see!

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