Able Remote updated, still not optimized for GTV V3

Able Remote updated, still not optimized for GTV V3


The popular Able Remote app for Google TV has just received an update to version 2.3.4. The OTA update comes with a fix for the Netflix pairing issues, as well as the typical “bug fixes” that come with every single update for every single app.

It is nice to see the Netflix issues being resolved, which included problems with logging in. But more important is that the Able Remote team mentions they are still hard at work trying to optimize the app for GTV version 3.

“We are still waiting for Google to provide the new channels API for the Google TV V3 update. Until then support for channels in Able Remote for the V3 update will not work correctly.”

Google TV version 3 comes with many great improvements, like the new Voice Search feature. Able Remote has been using deeper voice commands with Google TV for a while, which was one of the many things that made it superior to the official Google TV remote app (read our Able Remote review). One could easily open apps, change channels and more. We are hoping Able Remote can integrate the new official Voice Search features to its current Voice Command capabilities.

Until then, enjoy your improved Netflix experience with Able Remote!

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