47-inch LG Google TV running out of stock on Amazon, get that 55-incher while you can!

47-inch LG Google TV running out of stock on Amazon, get that 55-incher while you can!

LG Google TVs went through a drastic price-drop just months after it’s release. Of course, LG’s prices were not the most enticing for the general consumer at $1700 for the 47-inch version and $2300 for the 55-inch Google TV (LG 55G2). It was a shock to see these drop almost 50% in price, but it was also to be expected.

These lower prices caused a sudden flux of new users jumping into the Google TV bandwagon with this great 3D TV. So much that it has gone out of stock at Amazon.com. For the 47-inch version, that is. If you are still interested in getting the 55-inch titan you can go ahead and still get it for more than $1000 less than its original price.

Prices in Amazon tend to change often, and the 47-inch TV might even make an epic return. But with those prices, we would not be surprised if it really was sold out. Best Buy no longer offers it, either, so now we have 2 of the largest retailers selling out on LG’s 47-inch Google TV. It’s a good sign that you are running out of time if you want one of these.

The 55-inch version currently sits at a much more comfortable price of $1228.99, so you might want to get one while they are still available!


  • Nosgoth1979

    What a great deal on
    such a huge LG set! I’ve been looking into LGs for the past few days because one
    of my coworkers at DISH told me how happy he is with his (and he’s pretty
    demanding). I’m getting the Hopper whole-home DVR that will send all my high
    definition channels to every room, I’m looking to upgrade the last 2 SD sets we
    have. I’m excited to have HD in every room. Ever since we upgraded 2 of our
    rooms to HD, the family always seems to
    be fighting over them. We all got so spoiled that we don’t want to watch our
    shows in standard-def anymore LOL. Thankfully once I get the new TVs and the
    Hopper installed, that won’t be an issue anymore!

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