VIZIO Co-Star flying off the shelves again – get yours while you can!

VIZIO has proven the industry wrong by showing the Google TV platform continues to have a high demand. The affordable (yet very capable) Co-Star Google TV box has been struggling to stay in stock, with customers coming left and right to pre-order the device. The box became available for pre-order again yesterday, after a month of absence. Needless to say that didn’t last very long – the Co-Star was sold-out in hours.

Thankfully, the VIZIO Co-Star is available for pre-order once again, but we can’t guarantee that will lost very long. Judging on VIZIO’s recent success, it is safe to say this will be out-of-stock again soon and your best bet is to act fast. So you should go ahead and pre-order it from VIZIO’s website now if you want to get your hands on this Google TV set-top box.

There is going to be a bit of a delay for those getting the device now, though. Yesterdays customers are expecting the Co-Star to ship by September 17, but the site now states that new users will get it shipped to their homes by October 1st. Sure, that is a long wait, but we say it is better to get it now. At this rate, it will be a long time before VIZIO is able to keep enough units to send to your local stores.

Come on, a great-specced Google TV box for $100? You can’t say no to that!

[Via: Phandroid]