Still No Android 3.1 on Logitech Revue, DISH Network Advertises it Anyway

Sony’s line of Google TV products have already received their update to Android 3.1, but the Logitech Revue, which was supposed to receive the new software only a “few weeks later” is still without. Adding insult to industry, DISH Network is now advertising the $99 Revue as shipping with Android 3.1 and access to the Android Market. This simply is not the case.

Logitech has yet to push the update to their line of Google TV boxes, but has issued an update as of today. They are still promising Google TV 2.0 on the Revue by the end of the year, but have been advertising the update on device packaging for some time now. The whole ordeal underscores a nagging problem of fragmentation among various versions of the Android OS, something Google hopes to address with their latest Ice Cream Sandwich release. For now, those receiving the Revue as a gift this holiday season might be disappointed to find the software different than what is being advertised by Logitech and its partners.

[via Logitech, DISH]