Logitech Revue Android 3.1 Update For Google TV Rolling Out Now

Some good news for all you Logtiech Revue owners out there. Seems, the Honeycomb update for the set top box has begun rolling out — most likely in waves — making it a full behind Sony’s Google TV televisions but it’s better late than never. Bringing a refreshed UI and the Android Market to living rooms everywhere, “Google TV 2.o” is no doubt a welcomed upgrade for users who either got their Revues at the discounted $100 price tag, or early adopters who paid full price. I’m going to check mine for an update right now!

[Via Engadget]

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  • Anonymous

    Well, for my sake (and Steve’s lol) I surely hope it is for real this time. Can’t wait to learn to appreciate my Revue all over again!

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  • Anonymous

    its not real

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  • Gilles Bikindou

    super j ‘espère que cette mise à jour est aussi pour nous en Europe 

    • Anonymous

      This!… wait, what?

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  • http://stevealbright.com Steve Albright

    Still waiting….

  • Anonymous

    What’s the Build #?

    • http://stevealbright.com Steve Albright

      From what I have read of some that have got the update its “3.1.0″… but I am personally still waiting for the update push God.

      • Anonymous

        No, that’s the Firmware version.  The Build # is right below that on the screen capture shown in this article.  The build number is much much longer as it more completely describes which specific package, out of a pool of dozens or more revisions and release candidates, each with a different unique identifier, it happens to be. If nothing else, a date (of compilation usually) should be readily visible in the build number.  i.e. I have  the 3.1 Beta that made it’s way to the web back in Sept/Oct and it has 07112011 (07/11/2011) listed in the build number.

  • Bob Lindstrom

    For me, 3.1 on the Logitech Revue is a major disappointment. Here’s a copy of my post to AVS Forum:Two fundamental changes are real dealbreakers. The picture quality of Live TV is visibly degraded. (I actually thought the deinterlacing in the Revue made my signal look better, until today’s 3.1 upgrade. Compared to the vivid picture of 2.1, the new image is softer and flatter with diminished dynamic range.)Furthermore, when you open a search box or the app bar over Live TV, the live image dims so much you can hardly see it. As a result, there’s no more doing a search while watching because you can no longer realistically watch that shadowy image.The new features are not compelling IMO. The apps in the Android Market are limited and, frankly, some of them don’t even work correctly. For example, I can’t get one of the file manager programs to see a SAMBA share on my PC, even though that’s a feature of the app.DTS audio in MKV files still isn’t supported and–though it hardly makes any difference–even the video for those files will no longer stream through the Logitech media player.At this point, I sincerely wish I could downgrade to the previous 2.1 software. The fundamental video quality of the box has been compromised and the Android Marketplace –at least as it currently stands–isn’t an acceptable tradeoff, IMO.For all practical purposes (at least for MY practical purposes), Logitech just broke my Revue.

  • Anonymous

    I got it! I can’t believe buy I got the update! It’s just like Honeycomb on my TV, this is awesome

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