LG Google TVs being upgraded to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean!

LG Google TVs being updated to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean!


The future of Google TV is uncertain. Rumors say it will become Android TV, but so far all we can say is the platform is definitely slowing down. A promise is a promise, though, and LG seems to be keeping theirs! The Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update is now rolling out to some LG Google TVs!

For now only a few of the newer models (GA64000) have been getting the update, but it should be coming to other LG Google TV users very soon. The guys from Android Police managed to get images of the update, so this should be pretty legit. Let’s take a look and go over what this update brings.


The update leaves Android 3.2 Honeycomb behind, replacing it with the modern Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. This will surely bring performance improvements, which are much needed. In addition, it will improve app compatibility with Google TV. This doesn’t come without some down-sides, though.

The new update comes with the Android version of the Chrome browser, which lost Flash compatibility long ago. It’s sad will definitely bring some inconveniences, but things will get better as other technologies are adopted. HTML 5 and app development might get better (especially after the rumored re-branding).

Google TV should also be getting Cast support soon, though. Chromecast is very popular and we are sure all the big guys will support it. At the very least, you will get indirect support – in lack of official apps.

So, keep checking for updates and let us know if you have gotten yours yet! How is it treating you?

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  • http://www.vgbetas.com/ Pace

    it showed up on my LG55G2 yesterday morning but I decided to wait till i got home to install is and now I don’t have the option to update anymore. :(

  • captainkirk

    I have been holding off on buying a GTV device and now with Google possibly putting some support behind it finally, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

  • Pirobos

    DOnt know if iw ant to lose my flash on Chrome, only thing holding me back to updating it..

Android TV

Android TV: Google TV gets a new name

This could be the end of an era.

When the Android-based Google TV project was first announced, we saw it as an exciting opportunity to revolutionize an industry. Android revolutionized what we can see and do on our phone screens with Android, and Google could leverage that same technology to revolutionize our experience with the largest, most beautiful, and centrally located screen in our house: the television.


This could still happen. In fact, we think it WILL happen. But if it does, it’s not likely to bare the Google TV name. GigaOM is reporting that the product is being rebranded as Android TV.

Perhaps it should have been named Android TV all along. Perhaps Google pushed the entertainment strong arm too hard and thought they’d better be able to create an entire experience that included the Play Store, Google Music, and more. But Google TV was built on Android all along and the company has long made efforts to merge the codebase, initially Android-based but separate.

Some are suggesting this shows Google giving way to Chromecast as a better solution than Google TV or Android TV. I don’t believe that’s the case at all, although Android and Chrome clearly have some head butting in their future.

We’ve got no clue where this leaves Google TV, whether Android TV will become a new flagship, if Google has some huge TV related announcements that this news precedes, or if this is the slow disintegration of Google’s efforts into thin air.

One thing is for sure: it creates another interesting unknown about the future of a very viable tech innovation/revolution… and those are exactly the types of stories we love to follow.

What do you think? What will happen of Google TV? Of Android TV? And of Chrome and Chromecast?

  • br14nw

    It’ll rebrand under the Chrome name. That seems to be where they’re heading with everything else. It makes sense.

  • http://hughisaacs2.googlepages.com/ Hugh Isaacs II

    It should just become Android TV.

    It should have been this way from the start seeing as the Google TV name gave the media something to jab at.

    Under the Android branding umbrella despite how much theses TV devices sell they’re still of one of the millions of Android devices out there apart of this successful brand name.

    Google TV despite being Android isn’t looked at this way by the media, they count the sales numbers separately because of it, so it’s best branded as Android.

    My bet is that KitKat brings the features that Google TV has that mainstream Android still doesn’t (Web Apps in the app drawer, USB Mass Storage device support, WiFi remote support, IR blaster support, and HDMI input support) and Google just moves everything over to that one unified build.

  • Erik Smith

    I agree it should be re-branded as AndroidTV.

    When I tell people about my GoogleTV they don’t know or understand what I’m talking about. The best way to explain my GoogleTV is “It’s like Android on your TV” – Then they get it.

    I hope they don’t get rid of it or stop updating it though. Calling it AndroidTV seems like a good step forward. My Android phone, Chromebook Chrome apps and GoogleTV are a perfect combination.

    Now I’m just waiting for Google Fiber to to really get the most out of the experience!

    • Erik Smith

      And am also waiting for all the Chrome apps I use on my Windows PC to make it to ChromeOS!

HBO shows now available from the Google Play Store

HBO shows now available from the Google Play Store!


Despite millions of desperate cries, efforts to bring HBO (live) to the web have been unsuccessful so far. Even TWC’s CEO said he would be open to bundle HBO Go with internet subscriptions, but so far that continues to be just a hopeful suggestion. Things are looking brighter as HBO makes its way to more than just cable services, though, and today their shows have hit the Google Play Store!

You may not be able to watch the new episodes via the Google Play Store. You still need cable (or HBO Go support back!) in order to do that, but you can watch some of your favorite shows. HBO shows available in the Play Store include Game of Thrones, True Blood, The Newsroom and more. So if you need to catch up on older seasons, now you can hit your Google TV for your daily dose.

We can’t help but hope this is one of many internet-friendly moves to make from HBO. They can make a lot of money out of the online community. Go to HBO’s Google Play portal to see what shows, seasons and episodes are available. Enjoy!

[Google Play]

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Edgar Cervantes is a Contributing Editor for GTVsource.com and has posted 172 articles. .

Amazon “Firetube” to be the next smart TV competitor?

Amazon trademarks “Firetube” – another Google TV competitor?


Google TV is having a rough time with the amount of competitors entering the market. Things are definitely not about to slow down for the smart TV industry, a booming market begging for the right manufacturer. Enter the Amazon Firetube, the next tech monster to bring a set-top box.

Amazon has recently trademarked “Firetube”, a name with obvious purposes. Amazon has been using the term “fire” for all of its Android tablets, which means this trademark should also be linked to their device production. Using “tube” in the trademarked name is also hinting at a TV device.

Nothing is official, of course. We are not sure if/when such device would be announced, but we can see Amazon stepping into this territory. They have their video streaming services, app store and book collection. Taking on the TV market would help them increase their sales.

Not to mention, Amazon is known for selling their devices at an affordable price. This could not only be a Google TV competitor, but maybe even a Chromecast challenger. Let’s wait and see!

Thanks for the tip, Nick!


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Edgar Cervantes is a Contributing Editor for GTVsource.com and has posted 172 articles. .

When will Hulu Plus finally come to Google TV?

When will Hulu Plus finally come to Google TV?

Google TV continues to struggle as we strive to have more content and services make the jump to the platform. It is understandable that developers have a certain amount of doubt, but the wait becomes much more frustrating when a streaming service is available everywhere else except Google TV. Such is the case for Hulu Plus, which has a rather high demand among Google TV users.

The popular Movie and TV Show streaming service is available for computers, all major video game consoles, streaming players, smartphones, tablets and even other Smart TV platforms. So when exactly will we be graced with one of our favorite streaming services? This is what Hulu has to say:

Hi everyone, I’m sorry for the inconvenience this has been causing you. Although we don’t support Google TV at the moment, but we’d love to add Hulu Plus to it in the future. Lots of folks ask us about it, so we definitely know there’s a demand. Before we can support Google TV, however, we need to obtain a specific set of streaming rights for our content. In addition, we also need agreements in place with our content providers, hardware manufacturers, and Google itself. While there’s no official news, if or when Google TV support is announced, you’ll see it at ( www.hulu.com/plus/devices ). If there’s anything else I can address for you, please let me know.

In a way, Hulu is catering to Plus subscribers via every other channel. Sure, there are workarounds; plugging in a smartphone/tablet to a TV would be the easiest one. But that is aside from the point. Not to mention it would cost users a certain amount of cash to be able to accommodate to this inconvenience. Google TV users would be more than glad to be able to watch their shows straight from their Google-powered living room screen.

There is a certain chance this may not be either Hulu’s or Google’s fault, though. As mentioned in the quote, TV providers and manufacturers must grant approval. Until it all gets figured out, we will simply have to use other platforms and/or cables to be able to comfortably watch our shows. Or… you know, simply use another streaming service.

[Source: Hulu Via: GTVHub]

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Edgar Cervantes is a Contributing Editor for GTVsource.com and has posted 171 articles. .