Google TV finally available in the UK!

Google TV finally available in the UK!

There are many reasons why Google TV hasn’t grown to the extent we were expecting. Software and content is not impressive, to say the least. But another important issue is the fact that Google TV has only been available in the US… until now.

No, not every country is jumping in just yet. The UK is now able to pre-order Sony’s new set-top Google TV box, though. This marks the beginning of Google TV’s venture outside of the US, after a long 2 years since the platform’s release.

If you are not from the UK, you will just have to sit tight and wait for your turn. But cheer up, as your country might be getting blessed by Sony soon enough. Sony also plans to bring Google TV to other countries during 2012, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico and the Netherlands.

With such major markets being added to the list, Google TV’s luck just might be turning to the brighter side. Especially if Google decides to surprise us with some good improvements and announcements at Google IO, this week. We will definitely be there to get all the news for you, so stay tuned!

As for all of our UK readers, you can go ahead and pre-order your Sony Google TV Box here. Are you signing up for this one?

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Enblink turns your Google TV into a home automation system

Turn your Google TV into a smart home device with Enblink


Home automation is definitely in the future of smart technology. In fact, many of us can say it’s the present, but most smart home options are way too expensive for most of us to even consider. Android @ Home was our biggest hope, but Google axed it without giving it a try. Now we are looking at a good solution to those of us who want to turn our homes into residences of the future.

In comes the Enblink plugin for Google TV. The USB dongle plugs into your Google TV device and can control a variety of home electronics. It allows you to automate supported devices to fit your entertainment mood perfectly. That is only the tip of the iceberg, though.

It being compatible with Google TV makes it a great device for controlling lighting and sound, for example. Enblink takes it further by also making your Google TV and Enblink duo a complete home automation system. It is compatible with lighting, security sensors, door locks IP cameras and more.


Enblink currently has a mobile app you can get straight from the Google Play Store, while the iOS app is currently being built. With this app you can control your smart appliances from your smartphone or tablet. It would surely be a shame if Enblink was only able to be controlled via Google TV.

enblink-appI am pre-ordering this bad boy and am hoping that it exceeds my expectations. There is so much one could do with a Google TV powered smart home system. It should be pretty basic, but I imagine a future where your lights can turn off and on (or dim) depending on the situation in a movie. Lights flashing on when there is lightning, for example. That’s just one example, the list can go on and on.

For now, I will be happy with my appliances being available for me to control with my phone. If you want to see more about the Enblink plugin you can go to their official website, where you can also pre-order the device for $85. You can also purchase the lighting and security packs for $145 each.

Shipping is estimated to start in 30-45 days, so you might need some patience. Are you ready to see what Enblink is bringing?

Thanks, Kirk!


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  • boonesimpson

    curious if this uses the same z-wave chipset as other USB zwave adapters.

    Would be cool to use enblinks app with ANY z wave usb adapter which can be had for half as much.

  • captainkirk

    You are welcome. Thanks for posting. I look forward to trying this out soon as well as hearing feedback from others.

LG G TV could signal new wave of Google TV devices

LG G TV could signal new wave of Google TV devices

Things have been fairly quiet on the Google TV front as of late. While Google and Android continue to blaze trails with new tech in new industries – most recently with Google Glass, Google Chromecast, and Galaxy Gear – the TV side of things has yet to pick up steam and momentum. But could a rejuvenated GTV plan be on the horizon?

If LG’s most recent trademark filings are any indication, we may see a resurgence of new Google TV products soon. The company just filed for trademarks on “LG G TV” and “LG Perfect Picture”.


Its hard to dispute that an “LG G TV” patent would be for their next generation of Google TV devices. LG already calls this line of products “LG Smart TV with Google TV” so perhaps they want to stake claim to the most obvious of Google TV “brand” names: “G TV”.

The Droid line was able to do this (at least temporarily) for Verizon while “Galaxy” and the single letter “S” has become Samsung’s go to branding. Could LG’s claim to the G TV name mean marketing success down the road?

We also don’t know how long it will take this seed to sprout, if it sprouts at all. Trademark filings are often filed for protective purposes so the LG G TV name doesn’t necessarily mean a new LG Google TV is imminent. But we’re hopeful that the holiday season might include some Google TV goodies before it’s all said and done. At the very least, we would speculate that new Google TV announcements in the next 6 months are likely.

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 7.00.29 PM

Meanwhile, the “LG Perfect Picture” trademark could apply to virtually anything. Could it be technology for LG Google TV’s? Absolutely. But it could also be hardware for LG smartphones or even software for LG smartphones for capturing the best photograph when taking a picture. Or it could be a safety play.

We’re hearing a lot about wearable tech and innovative new hardware these days, but don’t be surprised if the sleeping giant – that huge television in your family room – gets up from its long slumber and starts to make a ton of noise in the form of an LG G TV. After all, we know LG is making some big moves.

And oh yeah, doesn’t the timing seems outrageously interesting considering we’ve just learned Google is in mysterious talks with the NFL with a Streaming TV service perhaps on the way?

CheapCast enables Chromecasting on nearly any Android device

CheapCast enables Chromecasting on nearly any Android device

We say “nearly” because as the developer behind the newly released CheapCast app in the Google Play Store makes clear: “This is a early Beta version. Some (if not all) things might not work correctly.” But if reviews are anything to go by, which they totally are, then CheapCast is functioning better than anticipated.

First of all, you’d need to be all learned up on how to sideload apps to your Google TV or other Android powered device. Just visit our GTVSource forums to get the answers you seek or ask the questions you need answered.

As the video above suggests, tablets work too. Once the app has been installed successfully on the device you wish to act as a Chromecast dongle, just start the CheapCast app and connect it and your controller device to your home network. Streaming content from supported apps using CheapCast is said to work “almost perfectly.”

Again, the CheapCast app is not even in a beta stage of development and is available in the Google Play Store. Use it at your own risk. If this is exactly what you plan to do, say with your OUYA or Android tablet, be sure to let us know how it treats you with a comment down below.

[via Phandroid]

  • stucrmnx120fshwf

    One of these days, my new Nexus 7 FHD, will Chromecast, to my android TV.

OUYA vs. Google TV

OUYA now available, will you leave Google TV for the Android console?


Many Google TV competitors are rising and one of the biggest ones has been released today – OUYA. It’s not a direct replacement to a smart TV, but depending on your needs it can be a good chord-cutter device with awesome gaming capabilities. It does support apps like XBMC, the popular media player and online streaming device, so it is not completely out of our field.

The OUYA proved to be amazingly popular during its Kickstarter campaign and it seems to be just as successful today. Amazon has sold out on the Android console on its release date. The last time something like this happened with a Google TV device was with the VIZIO Co-Star, which was considered to be amazingly affordable then.

It is important to note OUYA will also feature very fun games, something Google TV still lacks. Those who want the full smart TV experience will stick with platforms like Google TV; but if you had to choose between OUYA and a Google TV, which one would you get? Are you buying one of these? Will you use both Google TV and an OUYA console? Will you just dump Google TV?

Some of you may feel enticed to move away from Google’s smart TV platforms due to the lack of support, but is OUYA really the answer? Let us know what you think! I still believe OUYA would have been better off as a Google TV device (they could have brought many partners to the platform), but we will have to see how it all develops.


  • Chris Chavez

    I mean, it’s kinda like a Roku or Google TV (without Google Play).

    A lot of apps you can just side load onto it and BOOM. The most powerful Google TV box available (even if the Tegra 3 is super old).

    I got one and put it in my cousins room. Now she can play games and/or watch her favorite shows :P