Chromecast functionality coming to Google TV!

Chromecast functionality coming to Google TV!


Yesterday’s announcement of the Chromecast made many Google TV fans upset. The streaming dongle offers nice features Google TV users would love to have, and actually have been asking for. We were actually wondering if Chromecast would go as far as beating our favorite smart TV platform, but Google has just confirmed such will not be the case.

chromecastIn fact, Googler Warren Rehman (who works on Google TV) has stated that Chromecast’s functionality is coming to Google TV devices. You will get the features if you have an ARM-based Google TV getting Jelly Bean (second-generation and beyond).

Google reassures us that Google TV is not dead and that “partners are continuing to launch new Google TV-enabled HDTVs and boxes.” Google believes there is room for both devices in Google Town. Google TV can do much more than Chromecast, while Chromecast is amazingly affordable.

We are just glad Google TV is not getting completely forgotten here. In fact, you may not even want to purchase a Chromecast dongle anymore. If you have a Google TV (that is getting Jelly Bean) and don’t mind waiting, your device should be getting Cast soon enough.

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  • Christian Orellana

    Phew! I was worried there for a second, this is great news!

  • Sean

    Is the Vizio Co Star going to get it?

    • Matthew Drake

      I was wondering the same thing,I’m still in the hunt for “jelly bean where are you?” might as well give us Key Lime Pie too,while they’re at

HBO coming back to Google TV

HBO coming back to Google TV via Cast


Yesterday we found out that Google TV would be getting Chromecast functionality with the Jelly Bean Update. This means that any functionality that comes to the Chromecast should also come to Google TV, including streaming support from any app that supports Cast.

One of the biggest disappointments for Google TV users has been the HBO Go compatibility issues. HBO Go has stopped working for over a month now and we have heard nothing of a solution in the works. It turns out we might get a fix, though. Yes, via the all-new Cast feature.

Some newly-discovered lines of code are displaying a list of apps that may be being tested for the Chromecast. Among these apps is the almighty HBO Go! Other listed apps include Revision3, Songza, AOL, Post TV and Qello.

These should be making their way to the list of Chromecast-supported apps, so get ready to enjoy them on your Google TV as well. We might very well be celebrating the return of HBO Go to Google TV soon. Even if it’s not a direct solution.

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  • maggie mae

    Was this ever resolved?

Chromecast vs Google TV

Will Chromecast take the glory away from Google TV?

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 9.51.11 AM

Google has just announced a new HDMI dongle called Chromecast, formerly rumored as Chromekey. The nifty device can stream content from your devices to your TV. It supports Android and iOS devices, as well as most Windows, Mac and Chrome OS computers. At $35 it’s an amazing deal, but we are a bit afraid that it might hurt Google TV.

What does the Chromecast do?

In a nutshell, it works just like Google TV’s (relatively) new YouTube Android feature. Chromecast plugs into your TV via HDMI and listens to your other devices. You can stream videos from services like YouTube, Netflix and other streaming services. Streaming music and photos also in the equation.

In addition, one can mirror any Chrome tab on your computers. This is a beta feature, so it may not be perfect or completely smooth just yet, but it works. The idea is to display only the content, so it’s not screen mirroring as we know it. Chromecast will only display the content within the tab you want to see on your TV. You won’t see the whole desktop and even the URL bar is excluded from the stream.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 9.52.05 AM

Chromecast’s advantages over Google TV

The Chromekey lacks much of the functionality Google TV offers, but it also has its strengths over our favorite smart TV platform. Take Chromecast’s version of screen mirroring as an example. Screen mirroring is a feature Google TV users have been begging for. It’s actually one of the main reasons why many users choose to go with Apple TV, which supports full screen mirroring.

Users can also stream from services like Pandora and Netflix. So if you don’t use many apps, the Chromecast might indeed be enough to please your digital needs. In short, think of it as a much cheaper, much smaller Nexus Q with more functionality. Also, carrying a $35 price tag will give the Chromecast a huge advantage over any other option.

Will Chromecast beat Google TV

chromecastOverall, Google TV still has much more functionality than Chromecast. Google TV runs on its own, has its own apps, plays great with live TV and does have smartphone/tablet features. What worries us is the future of Chromecast. The device only costs $35 and is all but guaranteed to be a success.

If it does become a hit (which is very likely), Google will give it more attention and features. It is a possibility that in the long run Chromecast will get all the features it lacks to completely blow Google TV out of the water. Maybe a good merge is in the plans? Or maybe this could be the beginning of Google TV’s death?

We are not sure, but you can be certain that we will keep our eyes wide open on Google. After all, do you think there is room for 2 smart TV platforms at Google?

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  • JoeTi

    I only see chromecast as a gap-fill product (just bought mine, FYI). I can’t do what my Revue GTV, eldest GTV offering, does with Chromecast. This is a Airplay/appleTV/roku competitor. My Vizio has internet aps instead of this. In reality, it should be the other way around. Mirroring should be native in my Nexus devices AND my GTV but it is not there yet. Will this kill GTV? No way. Its not nearly as robust and I have a need for the additional offering GTV provides as it is just as important as my DirecTV service at this point.

  • Alex Chapin

    I think that this is better than Google TV for the masses, especially if they are cord cutters. Better in the sense that most people already have smartphones and/or tablets, this is cheap, and it is an easy way to get to online content. I think there will still be a role for a Google TV type device, but I bet the Chromecast will be more popular.

  • mattj78

    Google mentioned that they invisage other devices get chromecast ability I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t add the functionality to GTV

  • br14nw

    You should rename this site Chromecastsource or CCsource.

  • Craig S.

    I can’t imagine them not implementing full Chrome-casting/DIAL connectivity into Google TV if only because it already features some of it in the YouTube app… My Google TV’s all show up in the YouTube Chrome-casting portion of the YouTube player in the bottom right corner… I bet it’s fully coming with firmware 4.x later this year… But yeah, even if they did implement it fully, it makes ya kinda wonder how long Google TV is going to be sticking around??? Good thing the upgrade path is cheap… Haha! Google TV’s layering over cable providers set-top boxes doesn’t seem to be the way things are going anyway… It seems like it’s getting to the point where the regular TV stream is actually going to come via TCP/IP like what Microsoft has done with Verizon and Comcast on the XBOX 360 and like Roku has done with Time Warner and Apple is going to do, so all that stuff is probably going to be Chrome-casted to these sticks if Google abandons GTV entirely…

Google could kill cable TV providers with streaming live TV

Google to launch streaming TV service – will it save or kill Google TV?


The rumor mill has started again and we feel like this time it will be hard to stop it. Anonymous sources are stating Google is in talks with media companies about licensing content for an upcoming internet TV streaming service.

The upcoming IPTV service would compete against cable TV and offer something similar to the traditional live TV experience we all know. What exactly would make it different? One of the advantages internet giants could offer is a much better experience, possibly even a “smart” one. What concerns us more is how this will be paired with our beloved Google TV, though.

Rumors don’t specify anything on the matter, meaning this could either be a Google TV feature or a completely different service (the latter seems more plausible). Depending on how it all turns out, this service could either save or kill Google TV.

How Google’s streaming TV could save Google TV

Google could integrate streaming live TV to Google TV exclusively. This would give Google TV a huge advantage over the competition and turn everything around. Knowing Google, the live TV service will probably be priced very competitively. Making Google TV not just a good smart TV platform, but a very convenient live TV service.


If we think about it, Google TV would then become the chord-cutter’s dream come true. People would be enticed to come to Google TV for the experience and affordable live TV. And with more users come more developers.

Google TV has been the smart TV platform with the most potential for a long time. The platform is powerful and it really can become the best, but lack of apps and developer support has kept it from booming.

How Google’s streaming TV could kill Google TV

However, Google could go the easier route. This would be to simply sell a set-top box that works like a cable box that connects to your internet. This would give Google’s new TV service a boost from the get-go, but users would then be able to use it with any smart TV of their choice.

no-google-tvThis is not necessarily a bad thing. As Google users we love the freedom to use our products and services as we wish, but as Google TV users we would love to see the Search Giant giving us some special love.

If this were to come to fruition, it would be nice to at least have Google TV built into the new set-top box(es). We somehow doubt it, and if our suspicions are correct this means Google would be giving more power to its competitors. And we know many dangerous ones are coming.


Really, it’s all a toss-up right now. We are not sure how anything would work, or if this service is even coming at all. What we do know is that the list of competitors is adding up. We have Intel, Microsoft, Sony, Apple and many others coming in strong.

Google needs to do something if they want Google TV to be successful, and this rumors comes as the best option we have seen in a long time. Let’s do it right, Google!

[via WSJ]

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  • disqus_K1nMSJpiAQ

    they need to make this a Google TV exclusive!

    • Eli Shirk

      Agreed, GTV has so much potential, and I think Google needs to reach out to current GTV users who are no doubt feeling neglected. Adding exclusive Streaming TV service would bring a smile to current GTV users faces, and would certainly attract many new users who have been looking for a real option to cord cutting.

Time Warner Cable to buy Hulu stake

Time Warner Cable said to buy Hulu stake


Hulu decided to keep the company after long talks and discussions of selling it. The news was good to Google TV users, as it was mostly cable and satellite TV providers who were interested (we all know how these companies feel about smart TVs and streaming). The deal didn’t go through, but it seems like TWC may still be getting some action.

Anonymous sources state that Hulu is still in talks with TWC to sell the company part of the Hulu stake. This would make TWC the fourth owner of the company, joining Walt Disney Co., Comcast Corp. and 21st Century Fox Inc.

No other details are known, but it seems interesting to think that TWC would want part of this after fighting to keep content offline. Could it be that they plan to monopolize streaming and benefit from it? Online content is moving forward and there is no stopping it, maybe the cable companies have realized this and have their own plans.

Meanwhile, all Google TV owners want is to get the Hulu Plus app on Google TV. Do you think TWC becoming an owner of the company help this cause?

[Via Bloomberg]

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Will HBO Go come back to Google TV?

HBO Go taken off Google TV site, does this mean the issue is permanent?


It has been almost a month after HBO Go stopped working on Google TV. The Chrome browser on our TVs no longer supports the newer flash version used on Google TV, leaving many True Blood fans without their favorite vampire show. We are all hoping to see a fix soon, but it seems like that may still take some time.

Google has removed HBO Go from the featured apps in its Google TV website. This could simply mean that Google does not want to “lie” to customers and will put HBO Go back up once/if the issue is fixed. I simply don’t believe they would go through the trouble of removing it if they knew HBO Go would be compatible for Google TV soon, though.

If we were to bet on it, I would say we will have to wait quite a while before Google TV owners can enjoy HBO Go again. That is, if it happens to come back. Let’s hope for the best! How many of you are missing HBO Go on your Google TV?

Thanks for the tip, Jason.

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Google TV is the best news source for most Americans

How Google TV can be the best news source for most Americans


When watching TV or consuming media we all have our preferences. Regardless od what you do with your TV, though, there is one media category we all take advantage of – news. Whether we are learning about the latest world events or the next Google TV. News is a huge part of the world of communications and I see Google TV as the best solution regardless of what your favorite news sources may be.

Then how come it hasn’t taken off? Google TV is one of the most successful smart TV platforms, but it has failed to reach the general public. It simply lacks exposure and support, but its potential and infrastructure are what has kept us hopeful here at GTV Source. Google TV was the first to merge TV and internet to this level, and these two happen to be America’s favorite news sources.

According to Gallup’s studies, TV is still the #1 source of news for Americans. About 55% of the US population turns to this digital window for their latest news (which seems unbelievable in the digital age, but such is the case). This is followed by the internet (21%), Print (9%), Radio (6%) and other sources (9%). We all have our preferences, but did you know Google TV could replace all of these sources?

How to watch TV on your Google TV

Google TV is designed to work with live TV from the ground up. We can almost say live TV is one of Google’s strongest points. Google TV may be a powerful internet tool, but its UI and features strongly suggest that it should be paired with a cable box in order to fully benefit from the platform’s potential.

Screen Shot 2012-11-14 at 8.59.46 AM

This is what separates Google TV from other smart TVs (and it’s also the reason why Xbox One is probably its biggest threat). Other smart TV boxes work completely separate from live TV. Other services force you to alternate between TV and smart TV, pretty much making them streaming boxes. Google TV merged TV and smart TV by taking your cable signal and overlaying its UI and features over it.

Not only does Google TV merge both online and offline video, but it also improves them. Google TV’s features make watching live TV much better. PrimeTime is a much better TV guide compared to any native cable guide. Voice Search let’s you switch channels and look for your favorite shows (or news) by simply speaking. You can even add shortcuts to your favorite channels. And those examples are simply the tip of the Google TV iceberg.

How to use the internet on your Google TV

Google TV can benefit from most internet capabilities. For starters, it comes pre-installed with the most popular browser in the world. Yes, we are talking about Chrome.


You can access all your favorite blogs, sites, government sites or wherever you may get your online news from, straight from your Google TV. Some news sources even have their own apps for Google TV, including Fox, CNN, The Washington Post and more.

If you are like me, you will agree that many times we find out about news from social networks. These are also accessible via Google TV, whether it be through apps or the browser. Granted, social networking is not the best experience on Google TV.

The apps are lacking, the browser is not necessarily the fastest (that should change with the Android 4.2.2 update). Social networking is definitely doable, though, and it is one of those abilities that will be improved with time.

How to read print news on Google TV

Those who read the newspaper may like the fresh smell of printed paper; being able to hold and take your newspaper wherever you may go; reading it during your commute to work or during your lunch break. You are probably in love with the past and that is why you are still purchasing newspapers, but it is important to note those are also online.

newspaperYou can pay your newspaper subscription online, via the browser (and some even have apps). Of course, some small newspapers are less likely to offer these commodities, but the larger companies offer them. Simply open Chrome on your Google TV, head over to your newspaper’s (or magazine’s) website and get reading!

Now, if portability is what you want, you can also use their apps or access them through the browser on your mobile devices. Oh, and maybe soon enough the Google Play Store will offer newspaper and magazine subscriptions to Google TV!

How to listen to radio on Google TV

There are multiple apps and websites that will allow you to listen to the radio on your Google TV. I don’t listen to the radio much, but when I do I use TuneIn radio for Google TV.

It doesn’t have a dedicated app, but it has a very good web app you can access by simply going to from your Google TV’s browser. The UI is very similar to other Google TV web apps, with a list of options to the left and big thumbs covering a big portion of the screen.


TuneIn offers radio stations from all over the world, so odds are your favorite will be in there.


All these capabilities make us realize just how powerful Google TV is. The fact that it can replace all major sources of news consumption is impressive, especially for a platform most people still consider immature. Now imagine if Google TV had the dev support and exposure it deserves!

Just like news, Google TV can be used for many things… even gaming. We continue to believe in Google TV’s future, even if sometimes we may feel a bit upset about Google’s decisions. The fact is Google TV is a great tool and adds much entertainment to my life, albeit it needs some work.

How many of you have been using your Google TV to replace all these other items and services? Do you have some options you believe to be superior to mine? Let us know!

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  • kervation

    Just recently purchased a Google TV set top box, the Vizio Co-Star. I absolutely love it! The platform is very capable and I am using my TV set in ways that were near to impossible several years ago. I am still learning about new features and accessing new web content daily. I would like to see more dev support for the platform as it has so much potential.

    BTW, great site. I have been keeping up with all things GTV. Keep up the good work and let’s hope Google allows the platform to expand.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Thanks for being around and supporting us! We will always do our best to offer you and everyone else the best content.

Microsoft killing MSN TV on Sep. 30th

Microsoft killing MSN TV (took them long enough)

Google TV may be gaining competitors left and right, but some are also dying. MSN TV is the very first smart TV, as we know them. It had a long, joyful life, but it had trouble staying relevant, so Microsoft is killing it on September 30, 2013.

MSN TV was a powerful system during its time. Acquired by Microsoft in 1997, the service was then known as WebTV. It promised to blur the line between web and TV, bringing all the benefits of the internet to your living room.


The system consisted of a set-top box, a controller and a remote, making it relatively similar to our beloved Google TVs. Of course, as smart TVs evolved the platform began to lose power. The team dismantled and most were sent to work in the Xbox team, which makes a lot of sense.

The killing of MSN TV is very close to the Xbox One’s launch. Could it be that MSN TV team meant for the Xbox One to become a much more powerful and popular tv solution? One that would, in fact, take over millions of living rooms across the world?

It makes perfect sense and it makes us wonder what will happen to Google TV. Our favorite smart TV platform is in a similar situation. Competitors are catching up and Google TV is not getting the support it needs to stay strong. Will Google TV eventually die? If so, will it be reborn into something else?

You can go ahead and learn all the details about the service’s closure at Microsoft’s FAQ page. Just in case you are still using MSN TV.


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  • Joe Fedewa

    wtf is that thing

Samsung acquires Boxee

Samsung acquires Boxee – more competition for Google TV?


Samsung has confirmed that it has acquired Boxee, a smart TV and video company that has been growing lately. We are not exactly sure what Samsung plans to do with the newly acquired talent and assets, but they claim it will improve their current smart TV software.

Samsung was said to release a Google TV by the end of 2012, but that never happened. It seems the Korean manufacturer may not have been completely convinced and has decided to stick with its own software for now. Only, they are trying to improve it.


Like with most smart TVs around, Samsung’s software is not the best. Boxee’s acquisition will help them improve in this aspect, but will they become a threat to Google TV?

We have to look at the details. Unless Samsung plans to start using a unified platform for smart TVs and selling them in set-top boxes, Google Tv should be fine. But we must remember Boxee does sell smart TV set-top boxes, and we doubt Samsung is making such a large investment only to not use the fruit of this acquisition.

The smart TV is growing quickly and we are sure Samsung, like may others, is getting ready to fight Google, Apple, Roku, Intel and all the other companies. We will simply have to see how it all evolves.

One thing is for sure, though. Samsung is a powerful company in tech. If done even remotely right, they can take the market with their products. Who knows, Samsung may still release a Google TV and help the cause, but the idea is starting to become more remote.

[New York Times]


  • Joe Fedewa

    please please please dont kill my boxee tv

Time Warner Cable app coming to Apple TV and Xbox 360

Time Warner Cable streaming coming to Apple TV and Xbox 360


This deal is getting a bit weird, but at the same time it kind of makes sense. It seems Time Warner Cable is in talks with both Apple and Microsoft to bring it’s TWC streaming app to Apple TV and the Xbox 360.

Why is it weird? Because Time Warner Cable is being accused of giving incentives to content providers to keep their video away from being streamed online. Some of these incentives may sometimes come as threats, as it is rumored TWC may go as far as dropping programming if the content maker decides to go online.


Now, how does it make sense? Time Warner Cable may be trying to monopolize video streaming as much as possible. Their app is already available for Android, iOS and Roku. It seems like they are not going to be slowing down on bringing the app to other platforms.

If content providers went with streaming services, customers would be much less likely to keep paying for TWC’s cable services or use their apps. If content providers stay with cable companies, though, TWC can cater to customers both online and offline. Keeping them fairly content about their video content.

Seems like unfair business, but the Department of Justice is looking into it. At the very least, let’s hope the TWC app comes to Google TV eventually.

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