TCL announces MoVo UD Google TV with 4K definition

TCL announces MoVo UD Google TV with 4K definition


TCL has announced its newest HDTV that is first of its kind. The TCL MoVo UD set will be the very first to offer 4K by 2K definition along with Google TV integration. It also is the first Google TV device set to receive Android 4.2.2, which was announced yesterday at Google IO.

The unit is very similar to LG’s Google TVs. In fact, the software looks and feels a bit like LG’s too. But TCL has created its UI and given the Google TV device its own customizations. Of course, you will also get all of the latest features from Google TV, though. This includes the Quick Guide, Voice Search, the new Chrome and more.

We saw TCL’s Google TV offering at CES, but the strategy was quite different. They had a separate set-top box running Google TV on a 4K screen. Putting Google TV in the 4K by 2K TV definitely sets it apart from the competition, though. We already have a good selection of set-top Google TVs. But 4K definition? That’s a whole other deal.

There is no mention on price, but the unit is said to be available “later this year”. We have the feeling it won’t be cheap, though. 4K TVs cost a pretty penny, even if they come from companies like TCL, which is not best known for quality. But what do you guys think – what price would entice you to purchase this TV?

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  • stucrmnx120fshwf

    At last UD on Jelly Bean 4.2.2, soon 4.3, already were close on tablet with Samsungs Nexus 10 (2.6k,) Sammy’s 3.2k 13″ screen, screen resolution doubles every 18 months, for the same price. UD mobile chips are in mass manufacturing now, LPDDR3 RAM is pouring into mobile devices, my Nexus 7 has 32GB flash, 64GB USB sticks cost $40, 32 GB micro SD cards cost $20, my 120GB SSD cost $100. PS 4, a mere games machine, has 8GB GDDR5 RAM (5GHz equivalent,) 8 cores and AMD 8 series graphics, allowing it to get through 2 trillion floating point calculations per second. A trill for a triple 8, there’s another triple 8, in the 8 core CPU, when compared to the original Pentium MMX, 8 times the transistors per core, at 8 times the speed, 8 cores, that’s 8*8*8=512. Nexus 7/2 possibly coming in July ought to have 1080p at $200, also possibly UD graphics capabilities in the background eg. Tegra 4, Snapdragon 800, likely a 64GB flash offering. I already have a 25″ 3D monitor, that cost me $270, 6 months ago, with a 3D Blue Ray player for $100, my 8 core PC, has 32GB 1.6 GHz DDR3 RAM and a $92 2TB HDD, a $50 Google TV JB 4.1.2, HDMI dongle is on its way from China. The backgrounds are building all over the place, my household electrical wiring can transmit 300 MB/s, within 18 months I’m likely to get fiber optic cable to my house, and other people will be getting fiber to the node, such as hybrid fiber coax. WiFi ac can transmit 1GB/s, good thing we have power point networks, as it’s so high frequency it can only transmit to one room. By 2018 we will see something like 4 billion 6″ 3D UD devices, given that there are already a billion smartphones and we’re likely to see another billion sold this year alone, in a little more than a month Samsungs Galaxy S4 has sold 10 million. Just a few technobable figures to amuse.

LG Google TV to get Android 4.2.2 during Q3

LG Google TVs to get Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean during Q3


We are at Google IO and of course we had to go pay a visit to our friends from LG. They were displaying their new LG Google TVs… running on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean!

Don’t rush to your living room and try to update your TV just yet, though. LG has told us that they are currently optimizing the software and the update should come to its TVs during Q3, 2013.

As you can see, the UI pretty much looks identical to the current LG Google TV interface. As we mentioned yesterday, though, the real improvements come with performance and developing. Android 4.2.2 makes it more convenient for developers to make good Google TV apps, as they can now use the latest APIs.

  • Pace

    Excellent news for my LG G2.

Google TV updated with Android Jelly Bean and latest Chrome

Google TV being updated with latest Android and Chrome versions

android-jelly-bean-googleI have to say I was infuriated when I saw the Google IO 2013 keynote end without even a mention of Google TV. I calmed myself down and stayed patient, though. Even if Google should give Google TV more exposure, we may still see the announcement we have been waiting for, and we have! Google TV will finally be updated with the latest version of Android and Chrome, putting it side to side with all other Google devices.

Google plans to upgrade its TV platform to version 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. Chrome is also being updated to the latest version, and from now on updates to the TV browser will come every six weeks, just like with other Chrome versions.

Google is also helping out its partners by refactoring Google TV so that updates may be pushed faster. Instead of having us wait months, Google TV manufacturers should now be able to update Google TV devices in a matter of weeks (but we know not all manufacturers will accomplish this). Developers can also work with the latest API’s, so better apps will also be able to be created.

Google also gave us a bit of insight into the future. Of course, we already know LG, Hisense, VIZIO and ASUS have brought the best in Google TVs lately, but what if you want something with a bit of a punch? Google is highlighting that TCL is set to release a 4K2K TV with Google TV later this year. We will be able to check it out during Google IO, so stay tuned for that hands-on video!

Also, don’t expect these updates just yet. OEMs have to take them home and get working on them, so it should take a little while before we get those OTA updates.

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  • Tagon42

    It seems the this years keynote had nothing to do with hardware I was a little shocked that nothing was really mention except that a stock Galaxy S 4 would be availaible in June. I wish I had not have held off getting the cube I could have been enjoying it for a few weeks.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      I am actually loving the CUBE. Will probably stick with it for a while.

      • Tagon42

        I have heard 99% good about the device so I know I will be happy just wish I would have pulled the trigger a little sooner

        • Edgar Cervantes

          I know the feeling. We were all kind of expecting something. :(. There was no hardware at all (other than the Galaxy S4). Kind of underwhelming in that department.

          • Tagon42

            And there was so much pointing to them announcing a few things. I wonder if it just got pushed back for some reason.

          • Edgar Cervantes

            Yeah, some of the rumors are probably still right. They just didn’t focus on that for Google IO this year.

          • Tagon42

            What do you think that chance of them releasing a Nexus GTV box?

          • Edgar Cervantes

            I am not sure…. If it was me, I would probably not wait for it if I was thinking of getting a new one right now. I think the chances are pretty slim. Nothing but rumors and speculation at this point (mostly speculation).

          • Tagon42

            Thank you

  •;c=14;sa=collapse;d227fb2388ec=9e8bb86861f0686e54bcbaae99929bbd#c14 George Leon

    Hmmm… New version of Chrome. That could be bad news indeed. If they are updating to 4.2.2 & using a universal version of Chrome, that will break Amazon VOD & Amazon Prime compatibility, since it relies on an older HC version of the browser, which supports flash. Unless Amazon has written a native app, something I highly doubt, they actually will be losing content services on the device, not adding to them.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Amazon does have an app. Came with one of the latest updates.

  • George Giannaris

    There is a native amazon app on the Sony player

Watch the Google IO 2013 keynote here!

Watch the Google IO 2013 keynote here!

Want to see the latest and greatest from Google IO as it happens? Google will be streaming the event live online for those who can’t be with them in San Francisco. We have embedded the video for you right above for your viewing pleasure.

The keynote starts at 9:00 AM Pacific, so get your popcorn ready and come join us! We are supposed to see a Google TV-related announcement, so you know we will be getting some love. Don’t forget to also read about what we can expect to be announced.

Don’t worry if you can’t make it, though. Not only will we be covering all the news for you, but we will also be in San Francisco getting you all the hands-on videos! See you guys tomorrow – it will be an awesome day.

What Google TV news do you think we will see tomorrow?

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Google CEO Larry Page suffering from vocal chord paralysis

Larry Page hands microphone to Sergey Brin due to vocal chord paralysis

larry-pageWe may all be excited over Google IO, but sometimes we have to step back a bit and take a look at life and what is really important. Google’s CEO, Larry Page, has taken it upon himself to give us an explanation of his condition, which we were all worried about after hearing him speak a few times over the last year. Just a day before Google IO, he has posted an explanation on Google+ giving the reason why he has stepped back and given Sergey Brin the microphone.

In his Google+ post, he explains how he has been suffering from loss of voice for a long time, soon after he suffered from left vocal chord paralysis after a bad cold. This allowed him to live a normal life, with the only issue being a slightly softer voice compared to others. The situation repeated itself last summer after yet another bad cold, causing him to partially lose movement in his right vocal chord.

Despite the situation, Larry is keeping a very good attitude about the situation, saying he now has to pick his words better, making him a better CEO. He is getting better, even though it is uncertain whether he will get his voice back or not. Surely, it must be hard to run Google under these circumstances. We know he will take down any wall in order to take the company, and its fans, forward.

Meanwhile, Larry has been learning more about vocal chord diseases and has decided to fund the Vocal Health Institute. It is a very rare condition, so there is not much information to move forward. Larry Page is using the power of the internet to try and collect more data, so if you have suffered from anything like this you can go ahead and fill out this survey. Please support, and let’s hope things soon get better for Larry and anyone who may suffer from this condition.

[Larry Page]

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Microsoft working on a set-top box streaming device

Xbox set-top box in the works?

Rumors of a possible Xbox smart TV solution has Google TV fans on the edge of their chairs. Recent rumors stated that this Xbox smart TV platform would directly compete against Google TV, acting as a mediator between your cable box and your TV and offering the power of the internet. We are nearing the next-gen Xbox announcement and more rumors are arising, further confirming that this secret project could come to fruition.


Wall Street Journal sources claim to have inside knowledge on these matter and affirm that Xbox is not only working on smart TV features. It seems Microsoft is also developing a set-top box that would act as the media King of the living room, while the Xbox would continue to stay focused on gaming.

The set-top box could offer a great streaming and smart TV solution for those who do not need a gaming console. We can also assume that this “Xbox TV” will be priced competitively. It should be around $100 or a bit more, or else Google TV devices will offer a better deal. That is unless Microsoft’s set-top box has some stunning features to offer.

It seems Microsoft is doing this carefully, as the same sources state that Microsoft has gone through multiple prototype devices. Some of these are Kinect-enabled, and we are pretty sure the final product will be too.

If Microsoft is, in fact, trying to separate its gaming and smart TV products, then Google TV will probably stay in the clear. My only concern is that the new Xbox could have these smart TV functions, in which case it could quickly beat Google TV. People will be buying millions of Xbox consoles either way, and they will stick with the console’s smart TV option if it is even close to being as good as Google TV. Step it up, Google!



There will be no Nexus Q at Google IO 2013

There will be no Nexus Q at Google IO 2013


Recent rumors of a set-top box coming during Google IO had Google TV fans very excited last week. The idea of some sort of Nexus Google TV sounds amazing, and this could also mean the return of the Nexus Q. New rumors now state that this is not the case, though.

The $300 Nexus Q was axed soon after its Google IO 2012 announcement. It simply lacked the features it needed to be successful and came with a rather high price point. The project was canceled indefinitely and many of us believed the best idea would be to add Google TV to the sphere.

AllThingsD’s sources claim the Nexus Q is not making its glorious comeback, though. At least not at this year’s IO. Will we see a Google TV set-top box? Probably, but if this source is right it won’t be the Nexus Q.

Well, at least we got that out of the way. St least we know there is something being announced. What do you think it is? Google IO takes off this Wednesday, so stay tuned as we head to SF to get you all the details!

[via All Things D]


Google set to release a Google TV set-top box

Google working on its own Google TV box – return of the Nexus Q?


We have recently published an article summarizing what we can expect from Google IO. It didn’t include any solid evidence of a device announcement, but the situation has quickly changed. Rumors of a possible Google-manufactured TV set-top box have been quickly spreading. Could we be talking about a Nexus Google TV?

Some people believe it could be the return of the Nexus Q. The over-priced device didn’t do much and had to be axed, making us wonder why Google didn’t just add Google TV to it from the get-go. Not only would it make the $300 orb much more enticing, but it would open Google TV’s doors to many opportunities.

Of course, $300 is still a lot of money for a Google TV. At least in today’s standards. Google would have to offer said set-top box for a much lower price for it to take off. This rumor is very fresh so we are not sure if it will be announced at Google IO (That is, if it ever gets announced at all). Let’s hope Google has some awesome secrets up its sleeve, though. If it is not a new device, at least we know we should have something good coming.

We will be at Google IO next week so stay tuned to see what could be coming!

[Apple Insider]


  • Matthew Rhodes

    It would be interesting to see the Nexus Q come back!

YouTube paid channel subscriptions launch

YouTube releases paid channels

We have been hearing about YouTube paid channels for a while and they are finally here. Some of us may love it and some of us may hate it, but everyone praises YouTube for replacing traditional TV and that is what is happening now. Google has just announced and released YouTube’s paid channels.


They work just like any other channel you subscribe to, except you have to accept the terms and payment when signing up. All channel subscriptions come with a 14-day trial period. Your credit card gets charged after the trial period ends, so you can go ahead and cancel the subscription any time before then at no cost. YouTube is starting with a small list of content providers, but the list should grow after some time.

Google TV users are definitely among the most interested customers, as the platform focuses on media consumption. I ran across some issues while testing the service, though. My new paid channels would appear in my ASUS CUBE’s YouTube app, but for some reason the “video format is not supported.”

We are hoping Google will work on this issue soon, because it should make for a rather rocky service launch. If you guys have a chance to test YouTube’s new paid channels come back and give us some feedback! Is it just my device that has issues? Are YouTube’s paid channel videos working for you?